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So far mr peculiar has come closer than anyone else to my perfect listening experience.


what label is he on?

has he released anything since his first album?

is there any other artists out there that sound like him?

any other mr p fans? bouncing brains is the greatest psy trance tune ever written imo, what do you think?
Hello dude,

Well, Mr P is on Tribe-adelic Records in Oz. He's also released tracks on comps such as Koyote Rec's odd comp Bluetooth, and also a good track on Procyon Recs Freaks in a Frenzy.

Who else sounds like him. No one really, but give Fractal Glider a go. :Smile3:
No probs dude, and if you haven't got it yet, may be a bit older now, but never gets tired, the Solid comp on Tribe-adelic Recs :Wink3:
ye apparently he played lots of new stuff at the tribeadelic new year fingers crossed for new album soon eh :P
i'm playing with this chap tomorrow night at some psy thing. gosh.
okay, now who wants to touch me?
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me please!!!! (dont be afraid it is just gangrene on my fingers) :ph34r:

no seriously, I also think the guy is a genius, his really got his own sound! positive darkish psychedelic trance!!!!
his album Elements on Tribeadelic is quite cool. i think it was mastered by Fractal Glider. there has been talk of a new album for quite some time, so i imagine it will arrive pretty soon. Peculiar actually reminds me of Infected sometimes, when he gets those chaotic sounds bouncing around. "Source Of Rah" is a fave of mine, as it sounds a bit "Fantasia" and unlike any other psytrance. there's also a huge live set of his floating around P2P networks, and i have it. i haven't had time to determine if it's straight DJ mixing, or partly a live act.
hokey smokey, there's an album ready but he's looking for a label to release it. and judging by what i heard last night, it's going to be f*ing top.

in the meantime there's six of his new tracks on a DVD called Syncrosect, with a heap bunch of visuals and suchlike... the link is i havent watched it yet but it looks pretty :P