Multiple perspective mixing (mono vs. left vs. right vs. stereo) tutorial (Ableton Live)


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Next and largest Dreaml4nd tutorial until now: Multiple Perspective Mixing and Magnifying glasses (Ableton Live).

I believe that in order to achieve good mix you have to do it from multiple perspectives. I am using Ozora festival main dancefloor as an example to illustrate why it is important.

How to mix from multiple perspectives and utilize magnifying glasses in mixing. Ableton Live is used as a DAW but you can use these concepts also in another DAW.

In my opinion it is very important to mix and monitor your tune from mono, left and right perspectives and I am using Ozora Festival main dancefloor as an example why it is important.

In multiple perspective mixing you are constantly rotating perspectives where you are mixing from. You can also use ordinary DAW tools as magnifying glasses to concentrate on different aspects of your tune. Magnifying glasses that I am using are: 1. SMLR Rotation, 2. Output Rotation 3. Lowpass Filter, 4. Highpass Filter, 5. Acoustic Correction Rotation, 6. Reverb, 7. Visual Analyzers.