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chasing dragons
Christian J - Party People [Distinctive Breaks]
Jaydee - Plastic Dreams (Andrea Doria Mix) [Mantra Breaks]
Orbital - One Perfect Sunrise (Stereo 8 rmx) [White]
Vigi & Nectarios - Guru (Vigi & Nectarios' Psychoactivefunk & Meat Katie remixes) [CDR/Streetwise]
Santos - Try to Burn [Mob]
Vigi & Nectarios - 2CBeat (Vigi & Nectarios' Psychoactivefunk & EK remixes) [CDR/Streetwise]
Gus Gus - David (Medicine 8 & Darren Emerson remixes) [Underwater]
Elite Force - Peyote Road [Kingsize]
Dirk Technic - I Love You [10 Kilo]
Precision Cuts - Another World (Vigi & Nectarios remix) [CDR/Streetwise]
Fine Cut Bodies - Trekk Far (Elite Force remix) [Chi Recordings/Distinctive]
Rennie Pilgrem - Coming Up For Air (Koma & Bones remix) [TCR]
Elite Force and Meat Katie - Fabulous Mint 400 [Kingsize]
Led Zeppelin - Whole Out of Love booty [White]
Freestylers - Push Up (Original and Plump DJs mixes) [Against the Grain]
JDS - Purple Funky Monkies [TCR]
Human Blue - In Between [Spiral Trax]
Chicken Lips - Do It Proper (Justin Robertson remix) [Azuli]
Mars Cruiser feat Andy Page - Elementalelectrofunk [White]
Saiko Pod - Groove Moderator (Miro remix) [AC/DC]

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A fine collection of contemporary dance tuneage Mum...

Have you heard:

Flashdance - Deepdish - Fanculli's remix
Flashback - Max Linen's origonal mix
What happended? - Harry Romero
Air Bureau - 'We Shine' - Sprout Music

Circoloco/Southern Fried recs - DC10 Monday morning sessions CD?

I think you've got a good cross-over selection of big tunes happening there...

Streetwise eh?


There's another dance forum more suited to these releases..

I suggest you take a Trip...


Great Daze..
Have heard Meat Katie's remix of Flashdance, I preffer the dub version that still has some of the vox.
I know Sprout, I liked the "Chili For Chicken" mix of Stay, but I haven't heard any of the stuff you've suggested I'm afraid.
Yep, Streetwise.
They got "best new label" award in last years' "Breakspoll" (international breakbeat awards took place in london).
Their fan list is quite a crossover...from Annie Nightngale's BBC Radio 1 show, Tiesto, Ferry Corsten, Seb Fontaine, Lisa Lashes (two Streetwise tunes Zero's Emit/Collect and Nectarios' "Phoenix" went to the top 3 spots in Mixmag's "Trance'n'Breaks :? anthems chart) to Plump DJs, Rennie Pilgrem, Soul Of Man, Elite Force, Meat Katie, General Midi, Will Saul and many other people that play different styles.

Peace out.