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MUNTS MIXES - full on psy

Hello everyone...

I'm fairly new to posting on the forum, but due to the kindness of Jason Frog (thanks again man :Wink3: ) i now have two of my mix cd's available for download.

Would really appreciate any feedback from your goodselves. :Grin:

You can find them at

You'll find three versions encoded at 56kbps, 128kbps & 320kbps
for each mp3 file there is a m3u file, if you link to the m3u file then the mix will stream in your default mp3 player

Track listings as follows:

Extra Strong Munt

1. Ephexis – The Mushroom Track
2. Damage – Can’t Stop
*Rabdom L –Tantrum*
3. CPU – Doors To Visions
4. Paranormal Attack – What Have You Done?
5. Suria – Hipnotic Dance
6. Distortion Orchestra – Quantum Mechanic
7. Fungus Funk – Space Love
8. Absolum – Inside The Sphere
*GMS Vs Juvenile –Alto*
9. Exaile – Radio Edit
*Twisted System – Vile Substance*
10. Parasense – Oracle Of Reason
11. Broken Toy – Send More Money (Shift rmx)
12. Fungus Funk – Dis
13. Shrink – Planet X

*Track is used for mix but not left to play out*

Pre - Muntstrual Tension

1. Audialize Vs Suria – Elastic Mutants Rmx
*Twisted System – Vile Substance*
2. Shift – Impervious To Poison Rmx
3. Audialize – Plug N Play
4. Phyx – Contact
5. Space Buddha – Exceptional Insight
6. Killer Buds – Another World
7. CPU – Keep The Timecode
8. Xerox And Illumination – Tribal Metal
9. Audialize – Brain Activity
10. Osom – Over Game

*Track is used for mix but not left to play out*



Pound Shop Alex Petridis
nice tracklists mate!! have d/l'd and will check em when i'm not in work :Grin:


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giving it a listen now mate :Smile3:

sounds good so far munt mate :Wink3:

downloading the rest as I type, thankyou for this 4mb line :d

ps. when ya next playing in london dude could use a good stomp some time soon....


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Nothing in london lined up at the mo....aqueous in bristol is next. 20th of Jan - Bad by design crew. Should be wicked. :Grin:

Will let you know of any upcoming london extravaganzas!!!


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good man :Wink3:

think ill be having a play with these mixes of yours on the decks here sometime soon :Smile3:

not that I can mix but Ive got an amusing way of throwing in nasty samples off cartoons and making people get confused muhahahhaa


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fabulous as always munt - fanks for the choones



Champagne Rouletter
in small doses,


very, very strong :!:

what label is the ephexis track out on, that is absolutely brilliant! kinda nu skool old skool if you see what i mean

Dj LSDave

life is one long mission!

Nice one man!! some well heavy tunes, defo coming to your next party!!!
:clublase: TOP MAN !!!! :drinking:


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Cheers guy's, glad you enjoy it!

what label is the ephexis track out on, that is absolutely brilliant!

That is my friends track. It is a collaboration of Aum 3 and Father. Keep and eye out for them!!


:wow: this stuff looks great but i cant download it at work and dont know how to at home! Grrrr! :no: Is it the same as the cd's you gave us before crystal fields munt cos aimee still has the master copies, arg! I will retreive tham and have a good listen, bet i'll bet its banging!!!! :wub: :punk:


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yep same as ones i gave you guys before crystal fields.

Anyone else having trouble with download let me know and will post copies to you. :Smile3:


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now this is a great treat, i can actually get to download a copy of Munts set!! :cool:
nice one, i really look forward to hearing it! I already know its going to be damn good so i am gonna get the big hifi one. :Wink3:

-Dave Grabs 'Extra Strong Munt' and bookmarks -



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Fuckin nice one dude!!! Cheers for messaging me the details!!

I just got a new stereo today so I'm chucking it through that as soon as Ive chucked it on CD!!!

Devirginise my stereo why dont you.


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Until today, it's the best mix I've listened to on psy-forum... i mean the first one. This is just great, I love acid and yeah it can't get any harder than Fungus Funk!!
Shame I've never been able to make it to one of your parties!
Keep it up!


never mind the teapot
Absolutly amazing. This stuff is class and Im loving that first track. Shit hot tunes here