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All the information about wavelengths & chakras is correct :Smile3:


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I tried writing a song ages ago with the idea of working through the chakras using their base notes as the song evolves. Got lost on a tangent though. I always keep base+kick in c+d for grounding the lower 2 chakras(something i realy need).

Has anyone else ever played around with this idea in song writing(conshously)?


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Why don't you tell us, instead of telling us to ask people we're not likely to meet? :Smile3:

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:iyes: Great Link!

I was wondering for a long time the type of materials used for filtering light. It seems that any type could work, here in the page they sell acetate small panels.
I founded years ago a great page that explains you why cromotherapy works, and how to build your own (light-box).
Problem is that it is in Spanish but i will post it anyway

About the light-sound frequencies I made a final project based in this idea and found that there is no direct relation, obviously

(how can i paste jpgs here??) it doesnt work :Sad:

Well, anyway the wavelenght of the light is in nanometers and if you calculate the sound frecuency of 650 nm (approx = Red)... Vel sound = wavelenght * frec
the velocity of sound depends if its air ...water, if its raining, humidity...
lets put 340 m/seg...
frecuency = 340/650nm = 523.076.923 Hz = 523 MHz :irazz:

Well, some studies says that that electromagnetic frequency (Red) corresponds to A-B (in Amin scale)...
A is 440 Hz
880 Hz
1760 Hz
mmm im going to take the windows calc to see if we arrive to that Mhz frecuency...

440 * 1048576 = A = 461.373.440 = 461 MHz
440 * 2 * 1048576 = A = 922 MHz

mmmmm 461 MHz is near...more precisely lets going to calculate sounds velocity

air 0°C ---> sounds velocity is 331 m/s
each °C sounds velocity increase in 0,62 m/s.
normal temperature 25 °C = 0,62 * 25 = 15.5
331 + 15.5 = 346.5 m/seg

Now maybe the red is not 650 nm

frecuency 461 MHz = 346.5 / new wavelenght
new wavelength of red = 346.5 / 461 MHz = 751,6 nm

751,6 nm its infra-red colour. So question is ¿how affects that we take an harmonic frecuency to represent electromagnetic colours in music?
there is no direct relatioship, and also I think that air pressure frecuencies are another world respect electromagnetic frecuencies...

Sound can be applied to health in other ways (see "Where is the sound" topic) (binaural beats)
and also by resonance in our organs.
So, if we make the ohhhmmmmmm (meditation) we need to find the exact frecuency of resonance of a particular gland ("pituitaria"), that gland will secrete some beneficial sustance to our body, and that not corresponds to any electromagnetic comparision.

What the light does to our body (in a healing way) is to face the small magnetic fields of our cells, so all good cells face to a particular direction, and the bad cells dont get faced to that direction, in that moment our "body" detects the bad cells, and remove them!
(thats what the spanish link talk about)

So, there is a lot of directs ways to relation sound with health, but for now there is no direct relation between sound-light-health... Light is light. Sound is sound.
Maybe if we study the brain some light frecuencies can generate intermodulate frecuencies that we percieve as sound, and sound in light... but i think that is future.
Synaesthesia ---->

I go to sleep right now
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Holy fuck!

£236 for the Super Lite Light Box.

That's made my day :Grin:

If anyone is interested in a box with a light in, I can do 'em at the special 'too fried to think straight' price of £200. Honest - that's how nice I am :iyes:


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photonic ballast said:
Light is light. Sound is sound.

but it's all energy/vibration right?

maybe if you take the maths into the 4th dimension you will find more connections?



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unfortunately not enough..! but i recently read a book by michio kaku called hyperspace... Much of it was how the various forces (weak/strong nuclear, electromagnetic etc) are much easier to fit together when you look at them from the 4th dimension...

in one part he described what we see/experience here as ripples created by forces working in a higher dimension... so we are like fish in a pond: seeing the surface move we might postulate a theory of how & why it does but without any knowledge of the wind, rain etc (that we can't see because they happen outside our pond dimension).

maybe there are more connections between light/sound/radiation/energy/matter than we are aware of..?

under the effects of psychedelics I have on rare instances seen the inter-connectedness of everything...


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lovely :irolleyes ... under the 4th dimension we can see another point of view.
We normally speak about things that we can see/experience.
Things can have relations under a 4th dimension...maybe the 4th dimension see different things that cannot be connected unless we move to a 5th dimension, and so on, that´s how I feel the universe is made.

This concept has a name. But I dont know the word...i looked in the dictionary and nothing.
I will adventure to calle it "recursivity"
The binary code has this propiety cause you can have groups of 0 & 1 that each 0 and 1 contains more 0s & 1s and also this lasts digits contains/means another group of digits...
I like MAX/MSP because you play with this property (like a fractal), (boxes that contains boxes that contain boxes until you want)... how is the proper name for this in english?

peace & love