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Dont really know what i ask for, yet, but would just like to see if there si anyone making music out there who would like it to be used in some of my video-projects..? Just give me links to mp3s :Smile3: I dont have anything going right now, but am thinking about doing somehting late summer/early autumn wich would be based around music, and a friend of mine doing a dance with long fabrics on sticks. Ehm. Well, you know what i mean, and if not, it doent matter :Smile3:

I also think i would be intrested in just some random track to put on an old film instead of a squareousher track i now have..Its not based around the music, i just layed it on to cause otherwise it would be silent..

That was it i think.. so, "free music" thank you :Smile3:

some of the tunes on there will be straight-off, no-strings free to use - some will not. (they're not all mine, for starters; some are signed; etc). so if there's anything u want just get back to me and i'll let you know the status :Smile3:
Thaank you very much :Smile3:

I have decided abit more what i need in one song, the dance-one.
It should be low tempo in the beginning, and then slowly build up to happy chaos in the end. The imagery will be white and still in the beginning, dansing slowly and no colors, and going from that to a color explosion in the end. SO, if you know you have a tune that could maubu be suited for that, tell me so :Smile3:

And thanks again for the links, very useful :Smile3:
In the artist's section I have posted a track of mine (actually two). "Pipa & Guchin" maybe it fits your needs. This tune you can use oder I can try make another one along with the movie. I prefer to look at these pic in order to know what temper comes along with the movie.

Hm... did I say, what I meant? If you not understand, ask again :Smile3:
We have a track called "Waiting For The Snakeblood" that starts off zero bpm... the first half of the track is then dubby and it goes to trance half-way through. If you're interested I'd be happy to email you a copy, or send it through MSN or whatever. It's an older tune but it never got released so if you're interested, please let me know...