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I thought it might be nice to have a thread dedicated to music that never quite seems right for other threads :Grin:

So maybe it's that album you love which you keep sticking in recommendations threads for genres which, if your honest, aren't really an accurate description of what it is, despite all the influence you can identify.

Or maybe it's an artist which has emerged from a specific genre but to your ears transcends it, and simply filing it that way seems to misrepresent the scope of the music?

Either way, this is the thread for that murky middle ground between comfortable genre labels. Hopefully it won't become too navel-gazing :Wink3:

Go on then, reveal your secrets!
Good thread! The artist that springs to my mind the most is some chap called Philter.

Here are a couple of tracks from his album I really like:

(Ignore the cheesy album cover)

I do also think that Alcest fall into this bracket, though they appear to have developed their own genre, with Les Discrets also making the same sort of music. (I ended up going to the gig in Scotland and it was amaaaazementz! :Heart:)

Haven't heard of Philter - I know what you mean though, it doesn't quite sound like normal IDM. I think it's the distorted percussion and fairly vintage sounding synths when they come in. Actually the closest artist I think of to it is probably Venetian Snares! In sound but not in mood, if you know what I mean.

Yea good shout on Alcest, actually I hadn't considered them for this thread. And Les Discret being similar is definitely allowed considering they're like 80% the same band (something I didn't realize before seeing them!) Glad you made it up to that gig - I loved the London one - in the end I think I preferred Alcest as a live act (though album-wise I think I'd take Les Discret). I think it was the black metal influenced bits, just made it a bit more savage :badger:
wow let's see...

This is not breackore.

This is not industrial.

This is not space rock.

This is not math rock.

This is not indie rock

That's the spirit!

Battles and Coil are two artists I've been meaning to have a proper listen to for ages. Kilamanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble are just great, definitely a worthy match for this thread. Nero's Day at Disneyland is all sorts of crazy! That one's going to need a proper listen :confused:

The Eye of Sauron decides to pass over Nanook's shameless plug because he's blended scratchy radiophonic weirdness with a chunky trance beat! Good job!

Actually the radiophonic workshop brings me to one of my own: Belbury Poly. I love this band. I think it's actually just one guy, but still. I love this band. Think vintage synthesizers. Think strange bbc produced classroom science videos. Think of happy childhood memories tinted with an implacable darkness. Think celtic melodies. Think prog rock. Think of all those things combined with a fantastically intuitive musicality and a love of retro sonic textures. I love this band.

A new track:

Bit darker:

More rocky:

Following on from Rykanslope's awesome recommendation of Chet Nuneta in the folk thread (cheers:thumbsup:Smile3: I thought you might like some of the Finnish free-folk stuff. Again, straddles the camps of folk, world, and experimental.

In particular, the goings-on at Fonal Records:

...and of those artists, I'm digging mainly Lau Nau atm:

That's the spirit!

Battles and Coil are two artists I've been meaning to have a proper listen to for ages.

Do it!!! when it comes to Coil: Astral disaster/the New Backwards/The Ape of Naples and that pagan blasphemy that is Remote Viewer.
I miss them so much.

For nero's, there's his entire album stream on his sound cloud page, last one!

interesting band that Belbury poly, usually I am not a big fan of forcefully vintage sound, but there are some bands that use it to add a completely different dimension to their music.

Much less complex in its influence and without being veined of darkness, is Tycho, moving in Boards of Canada territories but even more easy listening (and Board of canada themselves are not "chill out" nor "idm", they are doing pretty much their thing).
Danic will love this.

Mr.Thirwell is mad, mad I say

Hum, no comment

interesting band that Belbury poly, usually I am not a big fan of forcefully vintage sound, but there are some bands that use it to add a completely different dimension to their music.

Yea I'm with you here - I definitely would say that the vintage sound is justified in Belbury Poly's case. It's a bit hard to hear in a few isolated tracks, the magic is in the movement over a whole album. I guess I would say that it's not an attempt to just mangle all those influences together, rather to grasp the sensation that lies behind them all. As I say it's ultimately music driven, underneath the grainy sounds and saturated arpeggiators is a wealth of hyper-catchy melodies and intelligent key changes - and it is this which I think really catches the spirit of the radiophonic workshop, and illuminates it in a fresh light. Heheh I'm only ranting about them because I got their new album this morning and I'm caning it at work :Grin:

p.s. if anyone does fancy checking them out then I'd say their best album is either their debut, The Willows, or the new one, The Belbury Tales.
Ooh another one sprung to mind which no-one else seems to like apart from me :Sad:

Madlib - Beat Konducta Vol 3-4: In India

It's basically just old Bollywood soundtracks chopped up and fitted with staggered hip hop rhythms. What could be better than that!

That first Belbury Poly track is mint! As is the Tycho tune.

This is not like anything else I've ever heard. It's like the sound the man Munch drew in The Scream makes, or Sigmund Freud doing the Blade Runner score... Should be called "brutalcore" or something. Breaks my heart.

Somewhat gentler...

Phwoar Cindytalk sound massive - they've gone on The List. I'll give the Coctea Twins a whirl too, I'm quite partial to the 80s goth pop style actually (sometimes!). And if you really really love that band then I suppose I have to really :p
Loving Cindy talk, not too convinced by the mad lib tracks though, I'd have to give them some time.

Cocteau twins, more than goth I'd say shoegazy, but yeah very unique, my favourite album is treasure, it was band with more a sound than individual songs, but yeah, one of a kind.

Italian band Zu, has been blurring the confines of jazz, sludge, and punk for a while now, and they sound obscene doing so.

Surprisingly enough, we still have to mention His Eclepticism himself, Mr. Patton

And while I rave about them everywhere, Autechre do deserve another mention ahah

Oh and A Silver mt.Zion, using folk paraphernalia to tell a story of psychic frailty, of childish awkwardness and burning melancholia, ending up in proper weird lore, love them
Zu is heavy - been having a root round youtube all afternoon. Noice!

That Autechre that is from LP5, right? I keeping forgetting about different Autechre eras. LP5 and EP7 haven't been played in ages, need to get back on that :spaced:

That bottom one sounds interesting - I guess as with all those bands which have pretty strained vocals at their heart it takes a while to get your head round. Reminds me of Current 93 - I'm not quite sure how I feel about them in general, but Aleph At Hallucinatory Mountain is pretty epic:

And this is not music

By the gods, how I love the Buttholes.

From the same album - one of the first tunes I heard that made me realise that music can be free to do whatever it needs to. Opened my 14 year old ears to a wide ocean of musical possibility: