Music that doesn't fit anywhere else...

You know, I posted Congregation specifically because it centres her singing and the fact I have strong memories attached to it, but my favourite of theirs in recent years was actually this one. Obviously she isn't singing lead, as she doesn't in Cut, but the tone of her voice and those gorgeous harmonies, simple though they are, both elevate and haunt the track into full goosebump territory. Quite different from the earlier stuff, but I really loved it - what a massive, massive shame.

I wasn't sure where to put this, because it's kinda heavy, but not punk/metal/stoner and I don't think there is a shoegaze/dreampop/fuzz thread, so...

...yeah. Found myself down yet another Emma Ruth Rundle rabbit hole tonight. Love.

Randomly I couldn't find a thread for this on a psy forum

So I'll put it in here

I discovered the wall-of-sound bonkers of Dan Deacon this week. It would appear he has quite a few albums to his credit, but the first tune I ever heard by him is on Gliss Riffer from 2015, so that is what I have been listening to. Reckon he deserves a mention in this thread, as I am struggling to characterise his music and cannot think of anything else quite like it. Freak pop? Maximalist minimalism?

Take this one, for example. It is like Steve Reich and Paul Lanksy necked a load of drugs, then spent some quality time with the machine elves.

This was the gateway.