Musician Cams

Had the pleasure of seeing this live (not from AmDam... can't find Mcr footage)
....but yea... pretty unreal when you're bang in the middle of it...

This was a banger too.
Extremely psychedelic.
(Better "official" recordings out there, but this was from actual gig I went to, so its nice to share)


ive posted this somewhere else before, but for rock drummingm you cant top the JC

Give the video a minute, it sorts its self out.

Notable tunes to watch - cherub rock, geek usa and sliverfuck.

Silverfuck i think describes the drum part. Its out of this world. ANd yo have to remember JC was a full blown heroin addict at this point. Who says skag dulls your senses, eh?
i hate metal. Lots of metal drummers play fast but have no swing or groove or anything.

BUT this drummer gets a WHAT from me. The guitars can fuck off, but this drum part is technically something else.

How he doesnt knock himself out with those cymbals behind him i dont know