Top 10 My 10 Bestest CDs at the Moment.

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The lounge in my flat in Bournemouth!
:Smile3: I'm not going to include any solo artist albums, just compilatons and they're not in any paticular order:

1. 'ElectrOriental Delight 2' on Ultra Vista
2. 'Avalanche of Sound 2' on Avalanche Records
3. 'Puzzled' on Iboga Records
4. 'Irresistible Meltdown 3' on Plusquam Records
5. 'Overview' on Flow Records
6. 'Mountain High' on Candyflip Records
7. 'Sky Dancing 3' on Dakini Records
8. 'Chillum Vol. 3' on Agitato Records
9. 'Life Is Creation' on BNE
10 'Fahrenheit Project Part 4' on Ultimae Records

:Grin: I feel much better now that I've got that off me chest :lol1:
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Yaaaaa a nice little selection you have there, :Wink3: might just have to pop around to yours for a cup of tea and a boogie :P
I'm gonna pop round with a pocket full of rubbers and some home boys with a pair of pliers and a blow torch..

Mo' Fo's!


*Just kidding*