My first ever painting


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This is the first painting i have ever done. I hate painting, never usually do it, so tell me what you think

i know i'm no ashers, but oh well :Wink3:

I like it! Has the person got dreads?

I cant paint ANYTHING. Or draw. Im useless at art and was told I wasnt allowed to do art GCSE :unsure: Really wish I could draw/paint tho....most of the people I know can and are really good so Im jealous of them :sad:


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Quite honestly Cari...i really like that. I hope its huge......

Fine bit of art :Smile3:


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I think it's one of the happiest pictures I've ever seen. I love the open stance of the figure - that's my favourite thing about it in fact. Good job Cari - especially given that it's your first painting!! Well done :Smile3:


Now Less Confused
hehehe, all these lovely compliments for my silly bit of tat eh :Smile3:

thankyou all so much!

I'll do that layering find next time indiska.. its just paint is so spensive i dont wanna use too much :o



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Cari, it rocks! It's well happy, and intelligent too. It's ambiguous: I can't tell which way the person is facing (this is a *good* thing), so I can see it either as the back of someone celebrating the *gorgeous* sea and sky and all dat, or as someone facing you with open arms and about to give you a huuuuuge hug! Either way, it's blinkin lovely! The sky colours, and the way they blend, is a delight. Paints are expensive, but in your hands, if this is your first shot, it's money well spent.