My first puplic release: Metamorphosis


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okay i checked out your track, which is much more chilled than I was expecting for some reason!

I like that off beat creaker thing you have got going on, and I definately like the somehow offbeat beat! I love the babadabaaabadaadababaaaaa organ.

I also like the wya lots of the patterns interlock, and always allow you time to explore the layers.

In fact - A very nice slab of chilledness!
Thank you, Speakafreaka, for these constructive criticism. That's what I'm looking for. I guess your expectations are based on the fact that I'm spinning progressive records. That's just one face I own but I have more :Wink3: Be assured, the next track will be completely different.
Not sure about that off-beat sound that comes in at 1.00 min like a frog's croak (sorry not sure how else to describe it :Smile3: )- a bit off-putting to me. I think that rhythmic element is important to the feel of the tune, but maybe a different sound might be better since it crosses a similar freq range to the pads and blocks them a little.

For me the snare was too quiet, esp before 3.00 mins. If louder I feel it would push it along more. I also think that if you were to play it live it is important to have the drums more upfront for the same reason. Maybe a case of just cutting the frequencies of the snares from the pads they play against (about 1-2khz with a high q), rather than any level changes if you haven't done that already.

Aside from that it seems cool, good work,

Hi Sax,
thank you for your feedback. I will try your suggestions but I'm not sure if I can. The major problem is: I do not own any good monitor to listen to. I have to mix and master all my stuff using my stereo. The speakers are standing 4 meters behind me so many freqs are lost because of the hardware setup and the position of the speakers. I know, that setup is shit but no chance to change at the moment. The second problem is: the analog audio output of my soundcard is broken, so I'm using only the onboard soundcard of my mainbord...

But let's see, what I can do. Thnx, Tom
aha! know the situation, only got my monitors a while back and was using stereo speakers before - v tricky! the difference decent monitors can make is substantial. not to worry tho, keep at it :Smile3:

Sax James.

p.s. btw just out of interest what sequencer are u using?
Don't blame me: Because of the breakdown of my soundcard I'm just working with ACID only. The latency time of my current soundcard is to high. So I have to use audio loops only.
I bought a new computer, then a new soundcard (RME Hammerfall). That was very expensive for me. Next I have to buy a new audio breakout (DIGIFace) and all the (virtual) synthz will come back to life and then the monitors. But my father wasn't named Onassis ;-) so it will take a while.
Thnx again for your constructive feedback.