My friends are 2 genius



I'm not sure this is the right place but I try.

My two friends are a theatre company, non psy realated but I think they are very talented in what they do. The dancer is also the main brain of their shows. He does the dias, progections, scenography, corehography, progects the shows, designs and builds all the machines from scratch, usually recycling old peaces found in streets, rubbish and so on. The second person is the responsible for all the noises and music, really good stuff :punk:

We grew up together in my village. They are my bestest friends and they are a fat laugh when not busy working, I love 'em dearly and admire them for what they do and who they are.

Just wanted to share with you peeps over here, I think lots of you will find them interesting.

Enjoy :Smile3: