my latest offering

nice vocal sample. fat mix. felt maybe there could be more variation with the percussion for changes of section to mark them out a bit and step them up, a cowbell/clave/triangle. minor really but probably would add quite a bit with fast bpm tracks. everything else seems cool, feels really driving.

nice work.
Sounds fuckin' wicked mate!! Really like the little chops at the start. But it could do with a bit more rhythm rather than just kick, bass and high hats to drive it maybe some loud snares and as someone said before percussion. But all the synths and samples are on top form. Not quite my cup of tea but I can appreciate the production.
Funnilly I lived in Crowthorne for 9 years when I was younger...but that's off the point...fucking wicked track.

your kind words are much appreciated :Smile3:

ive EQed the drums now so you can hear more than just the kick and hihat but i cant think of any variation i can add to the percussion so i think it will have to stay like that now.

i just moved away from crowthorne myself but i was there for 21 years!did you go to edgbarrow?

:sun: :drinking:
i say ross! listening to all your stuff now! :partysmi:

bloody good! :punk:

where'd you get that choir patch from in the orchestral track? i want. :Wink3:
its a multisample so itll be about 100 mb no doubt. ill put it on a cd and give it to my bro to take back with him, or you can give me your address and ill post it to ya
great beginning on 'armeggedon', like the transformed sounds when the kick comes in.
kick could be bit bassier when the hihats come in
not usually a fan of guitar noises, but like the one you've used at 3:00, nice extra punch.
nice work, hard but spacey too.