My latest track(preview).


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Hi all! Here's my new track, some kinda egypt stuff - HERE

128 kbps/2.6 megabytes/preview

I worked a lot with this one. Hope you'll enjoy the atmoshere of adventures :Smile3:
Excellent! I like the almost 'hard dance' edge it has, definitely middle-of-the-night stuff :punk:

It's also good to hear a well thought out melody, the 'Egyptian' style scale works well with the general voices used.

I'm looking FWD to the finished article! :Smile3:
I think that your production values are reasonably well done. Some constructive critasism, add some different sections and have a few more sounds in the mix. Pretty anthemic stuff so not really my cup of tea but im sure that theres a lot of people out there that would dig on that sound. Keep at it dude