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Well its like this...

Andrew humphries and other so-called friends kept sending me links to threads on this site. But every time i clicked the links i wasnt allowed to read the thread cos i didnt have a log-in name.

So I was stuck. I didnt know what to do. All my attempts to hack the site failed. Even friends of mine, real friends that is, who win hacking competitions all over the world couldnt get in. So after months and months of hard work, using 328 mega-bit secure-o-shredders and log-in-zap-bang-pass-o-matics, they had to give up.

They said there's nothing for it, but to create a log-in identity. "Damm it!" I said. "No Way". I'm not joining no corporate money-grabbing pretending-to-be-subversive-anarchist brutal capitalist scum forum.

So years went by, and the links kept coming. "Read this!!" they enthused. "Awesome" they ranted. And despite my pleas to leave me alone, to let me be in my own happy little organic world where the grass is green and the birds tweet happily in the trees, and i don't have to pay extortionate subscription fees to capitalist scum forums just so i can read threads that other people are trying to make me read cos they want to brainwash me out of my happy organic world, the links kept coming.

Finally, at the end of my wits, and desparate to see what everyone was having so much fun over, and after the President of Spratly Islands assured me himself that it was genuine and that there were no hidden subscription fees, I created a bleedin identity.
lol......welcome aboard chris....lovely but rather painful story getting we really look like a 'capitalist scum forum' from the outset :huh:

lol anyways, glad to have u aboard......oh and did i mention your £5 over your credit limit for the usage of psyforum :lol1:
Well aboot blerry time mate yu owe mi since I bought yer 1st vinyl haha!
Hell O = mi grass is browner this side in January.