*My new album free for download*


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Elektro fluoro punx (free album download!)

Ok, here it is finally :P

Style is somekind of fusion between goa, suomisoundi, electro & 80s synthpop. 100% fullon/minimal/prorg free sound guaranteed :Wink3:


Here are quick links for super lazy people. The pages also have OGG-versions...:


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nice -- if it's finnish, i'm there

love the bit at the bottom of the webpage that says " Execution took: 0.25 seconds" -- surely THATS a good sign :Grin:


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aah smell that Finnish craziness. :cooljump:


not allowed 2b programmed
Its not really my style, but I love the spirit and energy - and you sharing it with psyheads around the globe.
Keep the oldschool alive mate and a big cheers :


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IMMENSE!!!!!! FUCKING INSANE DUDE!!! About bloody time some people starting getting out of this generic trance sound and branched into different areas. Hats flying off in your direction dude, loved the daleks track! Keep it up dude and hope to see you rocking out at massive festivals sometime soon....YOU SHOULD BE!!!!!!


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downloading it now....
.......... its got me jumping around!

Nice work Taika-Kim.... :Smile3:


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Funny, I thought especially the tracks at the end were just a revisit of the old goa sound :Grin: So nothing new here except the first few tracks...
And btw I've since remastered these tracks, I killed the dynamics a bit too much originally. Updating the site sometime in future...

And hey, the next one is already on the works :Wink3:


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damion said:
love track two -- staggerin!!!

I thought you didnt like guitar in tracks hehehe

just remembered to send you some tunes then when I logged on to psy - forum...it sben ages, any way its fresh o9n my mind so burning you rtunes now, sending in the next few days..! :Grin:


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yeah dont mind this stuff, production is shweat mate, to many goa style sounds for me but good production! :Grin:

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AAAAARGGHHHhhhh tried to play it at work "ACCESS DENIED"... I love older Goa Stuff...never mind..is it getting released,????????????? I'll buy it :Smile3:!!!!!!!!!!!


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"Access denied"? That's very weird...

Just try again, it should work. Or maybe it's the company firewall or something.

It's not going to be released. I made an edition of 100 in a local CD plant, but I think they'll disappear locally quite fast... And then I'll make another 100 and so on, until nobody wants it :Smile3:
Some tracks were going to be on one comp but the label didn't like that the tracks were available on the net. Whatever. I don't see why music needs to be released on CDs at all these days since the OGGs are encoded so well that even I can't tell the difference to a lossless audio track.

Just burn the CD from the OGG-files :Smile3:

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V.P Psy comes to Dorset
hEY, :Smile3:

Yeh..sorry should have explained ..access denied cos of work..no other reason :Smile3:

No broadband at home..not to worry... bnest of luck mate :Smile3:

G! :Smile3:


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I've had track 2 of this album lost in my hard drive since last year, only just found it and couldn't remember where it came from!


I'm downloading the rest now