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photography & film . . .
The vibrancy and vibe of the psy-trance scene is without a doubt one of the loudest and colourfull around, so im always shooting for another shot of this slice of life.
Ive been photographing with organisations over the past few years and love being responsible for expensive equipment in bizzarre surroundings.
So, if you need your event documenting (including the venue, lighting, installations and the people). Or maybe your performance or set and need a profile image then please contact me.
You can check out more images on or my website
. . . Matt C W . . .
Just been checking out your website....absolutely beautiful. I spend much of my time at parties trying to get pictures half as good as these. Looking at your photos of the same events that i've been at makes me think i just don't try hard enough! They are really inspiring. Thank you.

I'm always after a bit of feedback on my photos, especially from people who know what they're talking about! If you have a minute, check them out

I also love your friends pinhole stuff...did quite a bit of that at college...such a laugh.

If you don't mind me asking, what camera do you use? I generally use film but find it so much easier using my digi in clubs.