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GoaFire Oct 3, 2004

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    Leeds, UK
    i lost most of my work through damp in the basement of a house i used to live in..(like almost all of it) and have only been doing design/web work recently....

    My Site

    oh...and for some of the most amasing digital artwork ive ever seen

    David Ho

  2. Psy-Monsta

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    Yes Mate!!! :bananada: Love it all! You've got a really good look to all the work on there. I particularly like the design section and the art is very nice too. Some of the web portfolio pages didn't work but i'm sure you're working on it! :Wink3:

    Keep it up!!
  3. Psy-Monsta

    Psy-Monsta Guesticles

    Oh by the way, GoaFire - i saw that you were havin some probs with your hard drive and are gonna pay £200 for PCWorld to transfer the stuff over! Sounds crazy to me - i reckon there'd be plently of peeps on the forum that can help. I'm in Brighton so it may a prob getting the drive to me...but pop a post on the General Discussion area and i reckon you should get someone in ur area that can help. There's loadsa techies on here!
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