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I love my little collection of vibrators, they are more reliable then any man, and they make my cum every time...(unlike most men :P) and they dont answer back, leave the toilet seat up or litter your bedroom in their gruddy pants!

1) Rampent rabbit (Blatently innit!)
2)big curved Purple blowup bastard (why thankyou Ott :Wink3: )
3)Light up 10 inch blue one (Oh yeah baby, Fills my cunt!)
4) Lipstick Vibrator (looks like a lipstick, good for those times when out and about, just pop into the local loo :Wink3:)
4) big smooth chrome look one (my first and still an old fave :Grin: )
5) pink glittery pearl pulsator! (bit small but pretty to look at)
6) real feel with forekin :o (bit gross, but good when thinking of travis fimmel :Wink3:
7)vibrating love egg (your meant to wear this one out and about, but permantly gasping and moaningin public was getting me strange looks!)
8) vibrating butt plug (brought more really for my exes benefit!)
9)venus butterfly ( you wear it over your cunt like pants, kinda the same deal as the love egg!)
10 Electric toothbrush (for those times of need when you go on holiday and forget your vibrator :Wink3:)


And with going for a play :Wink3:
All my bloody batterys are dead innit! Geigh...couldnt play with my toys last nite :ph34r:
you said you had one in your beside table bird :huh:

not that i pay so much pervy attention to what everyone says on the forum or anything.. :unsure:
:wow: wowzers..... you dont get threads like this on Isratrance or Chai Shop eh...!?!? :bananada:

must be an English thing :Grin:....

:grandad: but uhhhh..... having all those toys and things ... like..... total constant self gratification and all........sounds like you're either every mans 'exploratory desire' .........OR .... some old minger that dont get none too often ..... :excessiv: (joke joke)..... hehehe

... and I wonder (amongst all the other wonderings this thread has caused :Grin:)
3)Light up 10 inch blue one ....... if you switch it on in a dark room..... does yer bellybutton light up ( when you stick a pentorch up yer nose) :sun:
My dishwasher vibrates and it's top 'cos it cleans all the crockery too ...

... and she's got nice tits :Smile3:
MonasticSquid said:
.... some old minger that dont get none too often ..... :excessiv: (joke joke)..... hehehe


Yep...thats the one :Wink3: Im a minger :Wink3:


Now do you fancy giving me some of the real thing now you've seen me :Wink3:

Come on baby....You know you want me bad :Wink3: