Top 10 My Top Five Groin Thrusting Megahits

Drat Mafia

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Ever look over at someone dancing at a party (usually when tripping loads) and think to yourself..........urgh thats just a thinly disguised sexual groin thrust, he/she is just pumping air, how filthy??

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA this top five is for that person

(o ok its just music I like as well....actually come to think of it I may well have been the disgusting groin grinder you saw as well hehe )

1) Phat Kontrollerz - Flat Control

2) Richard K - Rhythm Inside Us (Incredible groin thrusting abound)

3) Sativa - Circular Structure

4) Peter Gun - Pressure Point (The mans name says it all....terrible sample..great track)

5) XV Kilist - Alfa Aroma

6) Members Uncovered - Hump and Grind (Explicit Mix)

Some of my favourite stuff atm ............. Ok I made the last one up :Smile3:
hey guys :Smile3:

some cracking music you got here :Smile3:

can;t wait for the hump and grind release :Wink3:

hope to see you both soon

regards tom