My need of serious plugging!


Savage, Severe, And Hench
I've been writing all sorts of types of dance music for about 3 years now, and I'd like to think I've got even a little bit good :blink: ...but only close friends have heard it. Basically, it would be nice for complete strangers to hear it and get good feedback. I can't get my tracks on a website, but if you have P2P sharing software then I would be incredibubbly grateful if you could search 'Random-K' as the artist name, or 'Welcome To The Alternate' as the album name, and have a lil listen.


P.S - I've done a few remixes as well - search 'Experimenting' as an album name if you fancy a flutter. :bananada:

P.P.S - Alternatively, if anyone finds me at Insight Dynamiks on Friday (or any party in the future) then I might have a CD on me.