Neural Rectifier Syndrome
Kick Drum Inertia
Last Possible Solution (UK)

Following on from the Last Possible Solution’s outstanding debut release Unhinged, NRS return from a too-long break with an outstanding album of tree-frightening full power trance. Antistress sets up as we mean to go on with a deliriously swirling mix of harsh noises, twists and turns, all brought together with a deep, rich bassline. Technophobiac is a more subtle, atmospheric tune that takes its time before peaking at a delicious break, before smashing in with a lysergic topend that falls over like yer granny does when she’s been at the ketamine. Laups Senip has a sort of tim burton / music box sort of melody somewhere in there… Nightmare Before Christmas, anyone? It soups up into the most delightfully rude, pleasantly delirious mashfest, and I like it. Lots. Meselobyte Box has delicious keychanges and sweeps, and Rise Of The Black Bin Bags flanges the fuck out of you before crunching in bigstyle with an utterly brilliant, loveable-criminal style stomper. Registered Users opens with a more “standard†psytrance rolling-bassline, though we don’t expect for a second that NRS will take it that way. And indeed: more caustic catscratch, more devilish delirium, and a final run that has me grinning like the idiot I am. Means To An End is proper outdoor madness the way it should be, Isolation is like a 25th centuary new-tokyo nightmare, and Resurge Pt 2 slows things down to an almost digidub pace, leaving more room for the sounds to breathe… a very tasty move for NRS, which works incredibly f*ing well thankyou very much. Finally Laups Senip Reprise closes the album off in a delightfully unnerving way, reminding me to keep this CD far out of reach of children (a warning which LPS should really have thought about putting on the album cover.) In short, I love this. And you will too. End of.