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    Press Release

    Zulu Warrior Records – Nagual (Band) – Polar Shift (Album)

    (File under afro-audio soundscapes)

    Stemming the contratide of Eurotrance`n`tricity. This album covers the musical footprints of the last 8 years of African trance pilgrims Nagual.

    Originally consisting of Chelley (didge & fx), Craig (percussion), Heather (flute), Zimbini ((Vox), …it is now the brainchild of the remaining die- hards (?) Damien (guitar, sampler & programs) and Derrick (keys & programs).

    Ntylo – bird sounds – setting the scene with vocal interlude imitating nature’s atmospheric gentle sound streams.

    Angels in the sky – draws you into the sound-scaped fabric as opposed to merely listening to it, just like religion – the opium of the masses.

    Rustlers man – the beat takes you on a journey through African beatfabric right to the hole in the wall at Rustlers Valley.

    Sikadelik I’Africa – the beat makes you feel the debt of human emotion.

    Sabila – to sweat – a lovely and smooth sound fabric that makes you long for the African sun

    Amayeza – medicine – is like the gentle flow of an unspoilt river providing nourishment for the soul.

    Ila – Ilo – a traditional Sangoma (witchdoctor) song, which joyfully audio-acts with folklore traditions and demonstrates African believes such as e.g. the tokoloshe

    The Crow – is a funky tech-trance tune composed in the Ceres mountains.

    Hipnotic – guaranteed to keep the hippies hypnotized, with vocals flanging across the soundscape- tech-trance style.

    Something – a somewhat flapdoodle start soon makes place for a solid bass driven technoid grooveline.

    Bonus track- down by the river – evokes the imagery of sitting in nature, slow downtempo guitar driven track guranteed to awaken you gently on a sunny day.

    (Total playing time 64.50)
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