Naked Tourist - Mad Different Methods (Parvati Records 2006) CD


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Aalborg, Denmark
Naked Tourist – Mad Different Methods


Artist: Naked Tourist (Germany)
Title: Mad Different Methods
Format: CD (digipack w/DJ slip)
Label: Parvati Records (Denmark)
Cat. #: PRVCD11
Distribution: Wirikuta
Date: 26 January 2006

Track listing:

01. 08’39†Naked Tourist – Mad Different Methods
02. 07’58†Double R.E.L. – Prehysterical Moments (Naked Tourist Remix)
03. 07’49†Naked Tourist – Chopper
04. 08’07†Naked Tourist – Noname
05. 07’51†Limbogott – Hirnfräse (Naked Tourist Remix)
06. 08’24†Naked Tourist – Asylunatic
07. 08’22†Naked Tourist – Backup Paranoia
08. 08’00†Naked Tourist – Fairchild
+ hidden after 3’07 minutes of silence:
00. 07’11†Naked Tourist – Hidden Track


Dilated pupils…

Naked Tourist are German hard-trancers Martin (Z-Neo) & Björn (DJ Iguana) and I’ve been looking forward to this debut album for a long time… I really have a soft spot for their drug-crazed, acid-ridden, relentless night trance, and pretty much all compilation tracks I heard from these guys have been pure gold… Also, it’s Parvati Records releasing it which IMHO always vouches for a quality release… Nuff said, on with the music…

Let me take you thru the tracks…

#01: Naked Tourist – Mad Different Methods [146 BPM]
“It’s like mad different methods to the way I do my shit…†The title track opens with a bad-ass gangsta sample, that looks pretty cheesy on paper, but it actually works pretty well here… The track itself is a typical NT track: Heavily fragmented psytrance – packed to the rim with funny voice-samples and experimental twists and turns… All kept within a framework of acid-ridden, pumping night trance… Just what you’d expect = satisfaction in recognition… Tasty opening track! ;o)

#02: Double R.E.L. – Prehysterical Moments (Naked Tourist Remix) [145 BPM]
“Each little bone can tell us a story. We can look at the articulations of the bone, how they fit together and the mechanics […]†This is a remix to a Double R.E.L. track originally released on the 2005 Doof Records compilation Booo… I’m not familiar with the original, so I can’t really comment on the treatment… Anyway the track opens with a palaeontologist sample and quickly turns into a regular stomp-fest… Kinda minimal at first, but soon enough the flood gates of psychedelia are opened… Yeah, this is pure dancefloor psychedelia – just listen to the raven-peak @ 4’59! Brilliant! A fine track riddled in samples and with enough twirling acid lines to satisfy most urban hippies… I dig it!

#03: Naked Tourist – Chopper [147 BPM]
“Listen to the sounds of the wind around you! … This music… It’s beautiful!†The guys start with another funny sample before unleashing the fiercest bassline so far… It’s accompanied by en eerie, haunting melody-line and a bunch of spacy, sonic tweaks… And yeah, I guess you could draw the comparison to chopper-sounds too… The video-game FX are very well-chosen and the build-up/climax part is destined to tear any dancefloor apart… Hold on to your hats – this is a psychedelic rollercoaster ride! It’s maybe a little too fast for a brief moment, but generally I like it…

#04: Naked Tourist – Noname [146 BPM]
Halfway thru the album the guys present the scariest track so far – this is dark, haunting, atmospheric night trance… A steady, evil-bassline is accompanied by an array of distorted synth-stabs… The industrial link is evident and basically this is the meanest I’ve ever heard from Naked Tourist… This is indeed a solid piece of haunting night-trance, but frankly I like the guys better when they lighten up a little…

#05: Limbogott – Hirnfräse (Naked Tourist Remix) [147 BPM]
I don’t have first-hand knowledge about Limbogott, but some quality Google time reveals the band as a German industrial/nu-metal outfit not unlike Marilyn Manson, Korn or Slipknot… The track Hirnfräse is featured on their debut album One Minute Violence and I’ve only heard fragments of it… This remix kicks some major ass though and posses even more energy than the original... It’s like a big waterfall of acid… Fast-paced, aggressive, paranoia-inducing psytrance… Like the perfect trance-sound track to the two Saw movies… Brilliantly done… I’m impressed!

#06: Naked Tourist – Asylunatic [147 BPM]
“Crank me lunatic…On drugs! … This feels right!†This track is a remix to Naked Tourist’s own track Lunatic Asylum released on the 2005 Parvati compilation Psychedelically Yours 3… You recognize elements from the original, but mostly this is a new track… The rich industrial elements from the previous track are still present and this is some pretty murky stuff… The acid-level is still very high, and the playful twirling acid-lines strike a notable contrast to the evil bassline… As in the original track, the final run down is a real treasure… Pure nocturnal bliss!

#07: Naked Tourist – Backup Paranoia [146 BPM]
Paranoia-noia-noia-oia! A seemingly chilled, harmonic intro is soon brutally shredded to pieces by some severely demented synth experimentation – that’s also the start of some hard-core tweakage which ultimately makes this the most trip-friendly track of the album… It’s less dark than the previous tracks, and has some really impressive uplifting bits and pieces… But don’t get me wrong – this is still very much night trance… And of course we get another healthy acid overdose… Brilliant!

#08: Naked Tourist – Fairchild [147 BPM]
The last track is not really the last track – but more about that later… What we get here is more trademark Naked Tourist mayhem… Border-crossing, fragmented, funny night trance with loads of samples and an endless supply of acid… Pretty good, but I feel it lacks some of the energy and I-don’t-give-a-fuck attitude of some of the previous tracks…

#00: Naked Tourist – Hidden Track
“His mind is lost!†Track #8 runs for eight minutes and after approximately three minutes of silence comes the hidden, nameless track… What’s extra cool about this is that it’s a full-length track running for over seven minutes… Cool! A hidden track like this is a welcomed opportunity for experimentation and that’s exactly what the guys do here… This is a very interesting odd-ball track – a hybrid with influences from an array of genres like psytrance, IDM, acid, tech-trance, progressive trance, etc… And it works really, really well… It’s a hidden gem!

When was the last time Parvati Records let you down? … I didn’t think so! This is indeed a fine debut album from one of Germany’s finest night trance exports… There are no bad tracks here, and most of the tracks are real fucking sweet… So, anyone who liked the compilation tracks so far will love this album… It’s just what you’d expect + a lot more!

The glossy digipack cover art is pure eye-candy as we’ve come to expect from Parvati, and the DJ case friendly tracklist will come in handy to Case Logic diciples… All in all, this is a great, value-for-money package that I will not hesitate to give my warmest recommendations… Enjoy!

Favourites: 1, 2(!), 5(!), 6(!), 7(!) + the hidden track


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Artist: Naked Tourist
Album: Mad Different Methods
Label: Parvati Records
CAT: prvcd11



01. Mad Different Methods [146 BPM's]
02. Prehysterical Moments [145]
03. Chopper [147]
04. Noname [146]
05. Hirnfräse [147]
06. Asylunatic [147]
07. Backup Paranoia [146]
08. Fair Child [147]

What's This about?

After much anticipation and a number of great teaser’s in varied compilations, the two Berlin freaks have released a full-length album to sink your teeth into a palpable concept of the Naked Tourists. Working together since 1999 Z-neo brings his production into play with a background in break-beat and psy trance. Mixing in the pot DJ Iguana (co-founder of Noise Poison Records with Highko) translates the work based on his experience of dance-floor madness, with a compelling and certainly explosive proposal. The output is a consistent collection of tracks pitching and building on fast paced rhythms, spilling innovative psychedelia by every pore in their hasty ride.

Per-song Break down

1. Mad Different Methods *

The album opens branding the goods much like In Megalopy’s debut last year. I’m not entirely fond of this, but I can appreciate the potential for live gigs. It beats those green lasers spelling your name, if you ask me. We take off with bouncy squeakers and metallic samples looping in the background. It eventually builds to a detuned line resonating like a harp from hell, filling out the theme nicely.

2. Double REL – Prehysterical Moments

This remix had been in the works well since last year, when Double REL announced in our interview the tourist’s had picked a tune to deconstruct. I’m not very familiarized with this track in particular but it can notice the absence of the Double REL bass lines, and lot more play and squeak on the upper ranges. I like it. From what I can tell the track structure on the bare bones is the same, but is clear there are a number of new goodies on top. And what the hell did they do to that crunched synth retreating and palpitating is beyond me, but helps closing the chapter with originality.

3. Chopper *

Like the name indicates this is about a helicopter. We take off with a really sweet toothed kid sample by the beginning, which is turning real trendy (take mental note). The sounds of the rotor engine gyrating translate firstly as a panning game in low gear much like a bass. As we gain altitude the line propels us right to the apex with a never ending pick up. It’s nice to see they really infused the sounds, making them an integral part of the work and not an expendable tail rotor. One of my personal favorites.

4. No Name *

This the enchanting story of a robot (with no name) that was on his way to… god knows where. Point being, he was on the path and suddenly every single nut and bolt of his metallic being started convulsing in strange ways, clearly not fitting of his design. Suffering from the Akira syndrome (Anime otaku reference), his extremities grew disproportionately at gigantic measures, as the metal planks that surrounded his skeleton clanked and scrapped against the floor, many times simply snapping from it’s socket in loud and hypnotizing ruckus. The horrendous sound of his hollow body inflating could be heard for miles. The growth reached a critical point before the poor bastard imploded in a loud squelching fart, taking with him all the air of his bulging self. The incident has been denominated as the worse case of robotic indigestion in recorded history.

5. Limbogott - Hirnfräse (Naked Tourist Remix) *

I have no idea whom Lobogott might be but this track makes me wish I would have run into that name earlier. On to the story, we can hear growling and vicious samples with Pantera-like screams and a sweet break that reminds a lot of prodigy. Over all a quasi Sepultura kind of mix with savage psy build making it make it work together. Top notch… wow.

6. Asylunatinc *

“Cranky lunatics… on drugs†describes the feel of this remix very aptly, originally showcased on Psychedelically Yours 3 last year. I never got around that one, so I’m not sure how the originally story went, but this is very dynamic –once again- fast paced throwing a decent builder. The whole thing should standout in a live situation, but when you listen to the whole thing sequentially, it seems the album is deluged of them pitchy builders that don’t really stray too far from each other. So for the good or the bad it’s best to adjust yourself to them.

7. Backup Paranoia

A long winded intro with spacey tunes and samples, it loads into full gear after roughly a minute. The outer space elements and the voices remain while the kicks run this show. The paranoia inducing elements count primarily as the scratchy lead, progressing right into a full threaded catchy line jumping all over, inviting the listener to stomp around or else. The melodies and the energy invoke South African elements, which becomes more apparent in this chapter more than ever.

8. Fair Child & Secret track *

“All we have is each other… without that we have nothing†The lines keep rumbling with a delightful number of drumming action accompanying those kicks in a classic N style that has become ever so evident in this release. Moving as fuck and intentionally riff-ridden to close the collection of mad different methods, that albeit could have offered a bit more diversity… that is until you fast forward to minute eleven.

Inside we are treated to material not fitting in the official content of this album, primarily because it’s a lot more playful, the grind core influences and electronic textures feel strangely retro 80’s funk, seeding a whole new style that could well be developing in their latter works. Don’t let it stagnate.

* Favourites

All and All

Notwithstanding the commitment of Mad Different Methods to dance floor ruthlessness; the classy touches in previous works like the remix of “Three Lines in a Row†(Hocus Peakus) and the hidden gem in this album… make it undeniable there is a fun aspect to their production building up to funky. It’s brooding underneath in their essence. Seeing this side develop in the future is something I will be monitoring closely. Presently the album delivers what was promised, a pack of thrillers to shake a leg on the dance floor, the bush, in your bedroom and possibly the shower. Not forgetting the intense brainwave workout that characterizes Parvati’s work. If you actually spin, it’s certain the material will be shaping your sets in the months to follow. In a few words I think its fuckentastic, nicely done Mr. Iguana-mon and Dr. Z.

Where to Get:

- Saiko Sounds

- Psyshop

- Beatspace

- Wirikuta


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I've only listened through this once since i got it...
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enjoyed it from start to finish!!

hadn't really heard much of naked tourist before
i'm impressed...

hehe number 7 makes me smile
and bounce around lots... :hehe: :P

nice work.. :Grin:

woo yay from me