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Mother India
Big Bom :smokingr: and Namaste from Mother India ,

This is Karan , the owner and founder of Third Eye Records. The First Ever psy label from India :punk:

I have just joined the forum.. and thought i would say a little hello... and introduce myself..
So far as a label we have had one release last year.. and the new release tittled EVOLUTION is just about gettin ready for release.

Would be great to get connected to some of the UKs fellow freaks.

Take it squeezy and keep blasting
Namaste Karan, you finally made it here. Welcome to the unsanity :Wink3: See you soon hopefully :Smile3: :peace: :welcome: :smokingr:
Helloooo and :welcome:. Enjoy the forum!
Hello Karan!

How fantastic to have someone on these pages from India, you will be great at advising us all when we are travelling over there!

Hope you enjoy your stay!! Look forward to hearing the new release!

:peace: :welcome:
:Wink3: at last your here'lol.....welcome

looking forward to the tunes dude.......... :sun:
Errrrrm ,

ok i do feel a wee bit sheepish.. since i managed to introduce myself a couple months ago.... then head out on vacation... and return with a fresh body and cleansed mind. my mind was so clean infact that i managed to forget the original password i had used for this site... talk about pothead right !! haha

anyway i was cleaning out all my crap from my old work desk.. and managed to find some piece of paper with somegthing which reminded me of this password... yayayyaya.
So im back.. and here to stay... i figured would be too dodgy to re-introduce myslef.. .so just decided to reply to this thread.

anyway you'll be seeing much more of me.
ciao and....
see ya later space invaders
Karan Third Eye :speaker: :partysmi: :speaker:

Welcome back indeed!! :sun:

Well done on remembering the password after your 'cleansing' :Wink3:
*wave wiggle*
:Grin: :Grin:

LiLo x
Haha yeah.. its great to be back on the forum....
and seems i have loads to read and catch up on .
plus i was missing out on all this cool smileys wowowowo :sun:
some of them have quite an effect on me .. like this one ----> :smokingr:

anyway enough of the pointless banter.
G'DAY to all from Mother India.