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Hello Everyone! Living in Kent at the psy trance..outdoors, indoors, upside down..inside out...and a good friend of mine, Kodomo told me about this board...and he was right..'s great to see such a positive friendly forum keeping something so alive...

I say sacred, because to me..trance is a form of spiritual awakening and even meditation..Reaching that state...that state of meditation..That strange your mind..that silence in the middle of a trancefloor..when you really become one with yourself.. I love it....
Psy trance moves and grooves...spins you and trips you...scares you and shares you...with a higher state...that's what I experience...

There are thousands of ways to say this...i'm sure..through music, through writing, through painting..whatever you want...
but that releases..and absorbs...that's the most incredible part of it..for me...

i think it's more than the drugs..or the hugs...or whatever else attaches itself to it...
it's an innerglow...that shines...and radiates on life...

maybe a strange way to say hello...but this is what i've got to show.. :Wink3:

love and good vibes...
and i can't wait for the outdoor party on the 22nd birthday.. :Wink3:
Eloquent words. Your defo in the right place here mate, :welcome: to the psyforum :drinking:
Cheers for the warm welcome!!!

there definatly is lots going on here...! :Grin:
hey dude

welcome home

nice mate Kodomo u have there. I think he's great at wot he does.

innerglow? yes.....i know, i feel it
:sun: correctamundo!!! welcome.....enjoy!!
Howdy, Howdy, Howdy :welcome: aboard the good ship Psyforum