Primal Visions VJ
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.............are two halves of a freeparty rig- audio and visual. weve been seting up since the first of the first of the first, and growin every year despite the boys in blue tryna rain on our parade....we got 6k rig, vis proj and decor+sick djs wit dere own dubs... we are gettin boofed by the pigs, and are lookin for other heads in the south (east) of UK that are up for a link, or maybe just letting us in on some prime sites?
Both halves are detatchable, so if you need you audio or vis or both! give us a shout....oh yea, we are a mainly drum an bass ss, but have put on some pretty diverse events, from rock thru regggae n hip hop to soul and blues... check out our lonely little neglected , :shrooms: soon to be updated.. in fact store it as a favorite, and revisit in 2/3 weeks- will be completly sick.mmmmmmmm i love the sound of my own trumpet.......peace to all the ravers :speaker:
:welcome: to the psy-forum. It's great here, even better with you :drinking: :Smile3:
howdy yall, b to the ump. still doin the vj ting, and the raves an all. if anyoen needs anything done, cgi, graphic design, rig hire, vjs, djs, artwork or anything else you can think of, email me at
hey welcome aboad use :happy:

lovely to have you here... x
what a nice welcome, eh? quality. i'm usually over on, or but i like sticking my head in here from time to time, you're all so freindly. shouts out to rigbic if he's still floating about here....