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ND's Audio Bundle

PROSECT Oct 22, 2004


    PROSECT Renegade

    Likes Received:
    Groove Town
    Psychedelic/Progressive Trance Bundle (Compiled By ProSect/Sonify):

    01. X-Dream - We Interface (G+ / Solstice)
    >> Massive Groove, Hi-Tech Vocals, Techno Music
    02. FREq - Time Traveller (Groove Zone)
    >> Amazing Lead Sounds, Flowing Amtosphere, Great Rhythm
    03. Triptych - Fifty (Alchemy)
    >> Energetic, Funky, Groovy
    04. The Higher Human Form - Thinkless World (ZMA)
    >> Atmoshperic, Hard Beats, Pads & Strings Making A Good Vibe
    05. Haldolium - Vanity (Plusquam)
    >> Smooth, Progressive, Deep Sound Diving
    06. Soul Surfer - Riding The Wave (YSE)
    >> Morning Trance, Funky Sounds
    07. Dopamin - Droidedekas (Unsigned)
    >> Hard Sounds, Danceable Clap / Snare Lines
    08. K.U.R.O. - Blast (Psyristor Trax)
    >> Hard, Technological
    09. Marc O' Tool - Rhythm Dealer (Electribe)
    >> Massive Bass, Psychedelic House
    10. Vision & Canedy - Good Times (Hadshot)
    >> Progressive Morning Sounds

    Chill/Hard Electronic Bundle (Compiled By ICO):

    01. Juno Reactor - War Dogs (Metropolis)
    >> Guitars, Strings, Vocals, Drums, A Big Journey
    02. Robert Miles - Trance Shapes (Shakti)
    >> Amazing Guitars, Funky Bass And Leads
    03. Emou - The Things That Flow Through (Jubilee)
    >> Vocals, Guitars, Funky Experience
    04. ICO Meets Reflekshun - Calm And Uncollected Blues (Unsigned)
    >> Psychedelic Blues/Funk
    05. Way Out West - Chasing Rainbows (Distinctive)
    >> Great Dreaming Music
    06. Phyx - Wasteland (Timecode)
    >> Hard Bigbeat, Trashed Sounds, No Sleep
    07. The Poffs - Cloud Nine (Synergetic)
    >> Chilling, Great Groove And Vibe
    08. Rumpistol Featuring Tusnelda - Free Fall (Iboga)
    >> Electronica, Good Vocals
    09. Bluetech - Prayers For Rain (J.Viewz Remix) (Aleph Zero)
    >> Cool Vocals, Nice Melodies
    10. Spindle Sect Vs. Artifakt - Numnema (Timecode)
    >> Hard Beat, Killing Vocals, Good Lead

    Audience: New Sound Explorers, Electronic Music Freaks And An Individual Minds.
    Distributed By: Universal Revolution-In-Music Society.
    Warning: Addictive, Bundles Must Be Used Each Once Per Day.[/b]
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