need help with drum maps


At the moment I tend to always use the piano roll editor in Cubase, even for drum parts. I'd like to use the drum editor but this always uses a drum map which re-maps the order of differnt MIDI note values. This is very frustrating when using NI battery or other samplers which do not use GM drum map layouts. I really want to get hold of a drum map which leaves all of the notes as they are meant to be - does anyone have one ???



mmm.... yer i've also encountered similar problems, but never took enough time out to solve it.

I also had a Re-Naming drum map parts problem, becuase when ever i renamed the parts after a while they seemed to defualt back to another map..
not sure if I am making anysense to


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I did those maps in about 5 minutes per map... in fact the one for Battery 2 was less because I just adapted the first one. I don't think Cubase re-orders the MIDI notes, it's just that it uses a GM map by default. If you start with the 'AcousticKick' line and work your way down, you go from Battery's first cell and keep going.

Glad it'll be useful though. :Smile3: