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Hello boys and girls

I'm updating the PsyStream website with new mixes and tracks. If you would like your mix/track listed in the music vault and also played on PsyStream please drop me an email with:

1) The direct URL to your mix. Example:
2) More info on the file (size, bitrate and playing time)
3) Tracklist
4) Contact info for DJ bookings

Are you on a slow server or can't find a server to host your mix? If you know how to use FTP send me an email for the FTP server details. If not, don't read further. :ph34r:
Select only your best mix. All mixes must be 128K/sec, 44100kHz to save on server space.
If you produce your own music, I will accept multiple tracks up to 256K/sec, 44100kHz.

Don't expect me to reply to your emails immediatly. I'm even slower replying to PM's on the forum! I have a life too :Wink3:



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Monkey Do said:
I've got the last couple of weeks of my psystream live shows recorded if you are interested (crap jokes and all) - they are 4 hours long though...let me know if you want one of them or I can trim one down if you prefer.

try triming your hair instead


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nice one guys, got some really good mixes in now - not updated the site yet but will soon
keep them coming!
I will attempt to reply to your emails soon :Smile3:


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Can I post you CD Mixes eT???

Or I could encode them and FTP them to you!!
I will PM for FTP details... Thanx :Smile3:


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Great work on the site eT :punk:


et, i will try and bring you a dvd to glade with loads on it, i need to get back to bristol and my cd decks as well to knock you up a few really banging ones! hope you are well :Smile3:


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thank you for the support guys!
I'm looking for a few 3-4 hour long mixes - time to tell us a story :Wink3:
All mixes must have tracklistings and be encoded 128K
I've got 1Gb available but would prefer if you can host it elsewere - unless ofcorse you are in a good mood and click here :Smile3:

have you guys seen the music vault?