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Aalborg, Denmark
<span style='font-size:14pt;line-height:100%'><span style='font-family:Arial'>Neo Logic – Groove Logic</span></span>

Format: CD
Artist: Neo Logic
Title: Groove Logic
Label: Candyflip Records, Greece
Cat. #: CD CF09
Date: March 15th
Year: 2004

Track listing:

01. 06’42†Milky Way
02. 07’21†Body Move
03. 07’30†The Swinger
04. 07’43†Direction Time
05. 07’21†Groove Logic
06. 08’42†Image Produce
07. 07’01†Transessive
08. 07’16†Aviation
09. 07’18†No Distance
10. 05’44†Feel the Kit


When pigs fly!

What do you get when Echotek and Safi Connection join forces? You get something in between dark and light… Something in between night and morning… Something in between minimal and full on… Something groovy! Groove Logic! The sound on this is something else, and you really have to listen to understand what I mean… ;o)

Let me take you thru the tracks…

#01: Slow, almost dubby intro… Relaxed female voice telling us about the cosmos… And then we are presented with the groovy Neo Logic sound that is present throughout the album… Much work has gone into the percussion work, creating a very smooth, almost sexy, beach house sound… Great stuff… Nice intro track!

#02: The vibe continues… Crisp percussion and overall smoothness… The nice girl is still with us, talking about “body move - when pigs flyâ€â€¦ Rrrright! Nice, easy-going morning track here… Nothing to complicated, just feel-good groovy progressive trance… Cool track!

#03: The Swinger – the ultimate soundtrack for old people having sex with each other… Nah, that just sounds wrong! We’re on the tribal side of things …nice!… Birds whistling, claves, bongos and tribal drums… Damn, these guys sure know how to create a nice atmosphere in a track… Nice track!

#04: Blips and bongos here… And something about some sensors monitoring the ground for 100 yards in every direction… Not too much is going on here, but the atmosphere is pleasant… This is nice chill music – not too hectic, not too intense, but very pleasant… Nice track!

#05: We’re moving slightly faster now, on this progressive morning tune… Thus, still maintaining the groovy feel… I like the way it changes pace halfway through and then shifting back into place again… Super smooth! Nice track!

#06: Woow, this is cool… Subtle use of percussion creates a super track… Slow but steadily its building and building… And yum, those tribal beats are so delicious… Awesome vibe! Cool track!

#07: Aargh, my spell-checker wants to change ‘transessive’ to ‘transvestite’ – am I missing something here!? The tribal feel is still in focus… Pretty fast track, fast kicks and distinctive use of groovy bass… I like the use of cued voices and weird trumpet effects… Nice!

#08: Really spacey track here… Riddled with samples and all kinds of twisted psychedelia firmly placed on top a groove base… Again awesome percussion… Do I hear a crow somewhere? Great track!

#09: Again a track with a slightly darker feel, thus maintaining the Neo Logic groove… Twisted flips and flops, tribal percussion, psychedelic piano, weird synths, etc… Great combo! Nice track!

#10: And of course, a nice downbeat track to finish of a nice journey… These guys know their shit… We are treated to more atmospheric, tribal, percussion driven groove… Only the pace is slower… I can’t describe it better – it’s just pleasant!

This album was definitely a nice surprise… Actually I’ve had a pretty difficult time describing the tracks, ‘cause they are more or less the same… But despite most cases, that’s not a bad thing… The distinctive groove is present throughout the album, and that’s cool! The flow between tracks is perfect here, and this album should definitely be listened to from start to finish – it’s a journey! Nothing stands out – it’s all very pleasant and leaves you with a smile on your face… Hats off to Micha and Mishel for this feel-good-experience! ;o)


Favourites: 2, 3, 6 (!), 8


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have not got this one heard it in the psydmt sound like its got a mix of cunkey prog b line and some nice full on morning tracks on it must try and get this one

Mishel Bitton aka Safi Connection team up with Micha Yossef aka Echotek to make a successful production with extraordinary output. This album is full of fresh ideas and sounds which are the basis for a very good production.
You must hear it!

Rakete (Mushroom magazine, DE)

Neo Logic are no strangers to the scene. Individually they are Echotech and Safi Connection, and together they have already released tracks through such labels as Plusquam and Spiral Trax. However it is with Candyflip that they have had the opportunity to release their first artist album. Groove Logic’s beauty lies in its simple harmonic progression and fundamentally it is an
album that is a truly blissful, atmospheric and enchanted exploration of the gentle genre of morning trance.

FB (Upfront Magazine, UK)
I just heard this for the first time this morning, pumping through my headphones on the way to work, and I have to say - it's totally excellent!

It's quite hard and definitely psy-trance, but also definitely progresses a great deal. Lots of progressive seems lately to interpret that more in terms of being fairly 'smooth' and perhaps with more housey beats but this progresses in terms of space and atmosphere... just cruising along with some squelchy bass and rippling drum patterns to keep you moving... nice.