Nepalese fairtrade garments, veg dyed and homemade stuff


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Hi! I've just signed on to look for festivals and noticed this classifieds section so here it is:

We're just sorting things out with a mate in Nepal who runs a fairtrade cooperative and are expecting an order and trying to get a website up and running. At the moment we've got a few dozen really nice garments and accessories including women's and men's items. Some of this can be seen on Ebay - go into shops then search in shop name/description for Dandelion. We will be doing a range of veg dyed silkscreened hemp/cotton jersey garments and there are currently a few prototypes for sale veg dyed and with our first design. These are plain cotton women's t's size 32 or 10 uk. I make rather strange garments, and custon orders are always welcome. There are a few patchwork and cord apron tops already in existence which fit 12 - 16 Uk and a cord, polished cotton and patchwork dress with ties and applique size 10 uk. Prices are good - I enjoy making things and fairtrade is only sustainable if it's affordable!

Anyway, we're up for doing party/festival stalls if anyone is looking for friendly vendors for their do. I can be contacted at
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Thanks for looking! Everything finished Sat and we did not relist as we had a stall. That over for now, we'll relist in Ebay (although it's not the best outlet). I think that I can post attached pics here and otherwise will post links when we sort things out with existing online shops and get our own website up and running.