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First of all, we want to thank you for the massive support during this last year and we wish you all a killer and psychedelic new year. May 2006 bring you peace, love and lot of parties.

After some deserved holidays and a proper new year's eve blast, we at Neurobiotic are back to keep you updated about our activities.
First of all, the long awaited new compilation Neo::Caine is finally out and we think is one of our best releases so far. Including tracks from artists such as Tristan & Prometheus, Allaby, Zen Mechanics, Jaia, Silicon Sound, Pixel and Wrecked Machines, Orion, Polaris, Tikal and Altom you know it's something you just can't miss.
Next in the pipeline is the new, eagerly awaited Panick album. Panick is Nick Laniado from Israel. His sound is fresh original groovy music and his new album, called Lab-o-matic, is going to be released before spring. As usual we at Neurobiotic are trying to keep the standard releasing quality music without compromises.
Silicon Sound is working hard on his new album, going to be released later this year. His new music is something different from what you are used from him, and will set a new standard in morning music. Expect the unexpected!
If this is not enough, we signed two new artists that are going to release their albums on Neurobiotic sometimes soon. We are talking about Zen Mechanics, who already released few tracks on compilations getting huge feedbacks from all corners of the world and the israeli artist PTX. PTX is Patrick Chen's project, he released his first album on Bionic Records and he's now working on his second one. His music, for those of you unfamiliar with his name, is crunchy powerful night stuff, groovy and technoid but still trancey and melodic. We are sure he will be one of the big names soon.
Both French star Silicon Sound and English trance legend Joti Sidhu are compiling 2 compilations due to be released on Neurobiotic sometimes soon, including some remixes and some new tracks from them and from some big names around.
All Neurobiotic releases are now worldwide distributed by Arabesque ( and by File Records in Japan, and all our releases are licensed in Brazil by Carambola Records.


Beside our live acts, we are happy to welcome onboard dj Rickam from Montreal - Canada, co organizer of the most important festival in that country, Eclipse, and Stella Nutella, a well known djane who already played all around the world and which bio will be on our website soon.
This means Neurobiotic roster is growing and enlarging his spectrum, from night crispy music to morning melodic stuff. Here is a list of our dancefloor specialists:

Live sets:
Joti Sidhu
Silicon Sound
Zen Mechanics

Dj sets:
Stella Nutella

For bookings:

Neurobiotic artists' gigs for 2006:

01/01/2006 Universo Paralello - Brazil
27/01/2006 Rainbow Serpent - Australia
05/02/2006 Freebase - Australia
10/12/2006 Cairns - Australia
17/02/2006 Sidney - Australia
18/02/2006 Earth freq Festival - Australia
28/03/2006 Soulclipse Festival - Turkey
15/04/2006 Belgium
12/05/2006 Leeds - UK (TBC)
03/06/2006 Serbia
14/07/2006 Glade Festival - UK
21/07/2006 Sonica Festival - Italy
28/07/2006 Tshitraka festival - Germany
29/07/2006 Eclipse Festival - Canada
16/08/2006 SOS festival - Japan
18/08/2006 Ozora festival - Hungary

Joti Sidhu
11/02/2006 Fairy Tales - UK
23/02/2006 Tranceformation Festival - Brazil
21/07/2006 Sonica festival - Italy

Silicon Sound
20/01/2006 Brighton - UK
18/02/2006 Belgrade - Serbia
25/02/2006 Tranceformation Festival - Brazil
11/03/2006 Innsbruck - Austria
25/03/2006 Copenhagen - Denmark
29/04/2006 Belgium
21/07/2006 Sonica - Italy
16/08/2006 Ozora Festival - Hungary

23/02/2006 Tranceformation festival - Brasil
March 2006 Brazilian tour (more infos soon)
22/04/2006 Tpe Records party - Japan
14/07/2006 Antaris Festival - Germany
21/07/2006 Sonica festival - Italy
28/07/2006 Rumpeltanenzchen 2006 - Bosnia & Hercegovina
29/07/2006 Tpe Records festival - Japan

04/02/2006 Rio de Janeiro - Brazil
11/02/2006 Curitiba - Brazil
16/02/2006 Klatu - Sao Paulo - Brazil
17/02/2006 Santa Catarina - Brazil
03/03/2006 Amsterdam - Holland
25/03/2006 Switzerland
14/04/2006 Denmark
25/05/2006 France
21/07/2006 Sonica - Italy

11/02/2006 Lisbon - Portugal
25/03/2006 Paris - France
13-27/05/2006 Brazilian Tour
21/07/2006 Sonica Festival - Italy
05/08/2006 Denmark

Zen Mechanics
13/03/2006 London - UK
14/07/2006 Glade festival - UK
21/07/2006 Sonica festival - Italy

01/01/2006 Vortex - South africa
18/02/2006 Switzerland
18/03/2006 France
08/04/2006 Germany
24/05/2006 Sonnenkland festival - austria
21/07/2006 Sonica Festival - Italy

05/01/2006 Brasilia
06/01/2006 Campinas
22/01/2006 Campinas
28/01/2006 Indaiatuba (TBC)
01/02/2006 Sao Paulo
12/02/2006 Campinas

This are just some of our confirmed parties so far, there will be many more in between and we will update the party calendar on our website soon to give you all the informations about all our artists' gigs.


We are glad to inform you that mp3s of our releases are now handled by INgrooves and are available to download from Beatport, Napster and soon from Itunes and more. Help support your scene by purchasing quality MP3's instead of inferior copies shared over Peer to Peer Networks.


After last year's successful first edition, Sonica will be back this year to blast Italy once again. Same location, improved sound systems and facilities, some progressive acts in the line up will make it once again something not to be missed. Plan your holidays! Sonica will happen on july 21-24, and its website will be online shortly.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, it was a long one but we had a lot to tell you!