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Hi to all...
First of all we would like to thank you for your huge suppot in this last year, the label has been growing a lot and we get every day mails and support from people buying our music and attending our parties. We are doing our best to produce quality releases, trying to keep far from the standards and formulas so abused these days. The market is in a very dificult situation and I really hope all of you understand how important is your support buying original cds.
Anyway, Neurobiotic is alive and kicking and here is what u can expect from us in 2005.

Joti Sidhu second album "Punktuator" will be in shops on dec 22nd, just in time for your christmas presents... It's a powerful album from one of the pioneers of psychedelic trance. 9 Trax of pure energy creating storms on the dancefloors... Just buy it and listen to it. The usual case insert we like to offer with our releases comes this time with some silver printing... so, don't miss the original... U will miss half of the plasure.

After Joti, is time for a new compilation, compiled by Alexis and Thomas, aka Altom. It will be called "Groove Controllers" and will feature tracks from Altom, Tikal, Talamasca, Shanti, Silicon Sound vs Sirius Isness, Space Cat, X-noize and more... Some of them are remixes of Altom tracks on their latest album "Groove Control", some are brand new dancefloor killers.

After this, is time for a new artist signed on our label.
We are very pleased to announce that Nick's (aka Panick) second album will be out on Neurobiotic next year. The album is almost done, and is a killer. For sure most of you know Panick and know how psychedelic, funky and groovy his music is. It will be a monster one for sure. You can check more infos about Panick on our website.

As you know, we are working on the first italian trance festival ever, called Sonica. It will happen on august 2005, 5th to 8th. some infos are available here: Before the festival, we will release a compilation called Sonica, that will feature tracks from the artists who will play at the festival. It will be printed in jewel case format including a booklet of presentation of the festival and the artists performing there. And one more surprise we can't reveal yet

Tikal's new album is also on the way. The french duo is getting huge feedbacks and is regularly touring the world to present their music. It will be another gem, more mature but keeping their unique sound. More infos will follow soon...

Last, but for sure not least, we are proud, happy and excited to have one more genius in our team. i'm talking about Silicon Sound. He doesn't need any introduction being costantly playing in all major festivals and parties around the world. Johannes is now working on his new album that will be released around september/october of 2005 on Neurobiotic Records. You can check our website for more infos...

This is what is planned for now, for sure some addictions and changes on release dates will happen during the forthcoming year. Please check regularly our website for more news, artists bookings, party dates and mp3 previews of forthcoming releases.

We would also like to remind you the birth of Indica Music, our chill out label. First compilation "namaskar" is out and is getting very good feedbacks. Next release will be Cell's first solo album, caled Phonic Peace to be released at the beginning of the next year. Cell is Alex Scheffer, a genious of ethnic/tribal dub/chill out music. he released his track on mostly all the most important labels (including Buddha bar and some other big ones)... Check it out! Indica music website on the way... took lot of time to be completed but is a wonderful one!

Wow... this was a long newsletter... Thanks for reading it and we wait your feedbacks!

We wish you a merry christmas and a peaceful new year.
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What a killer label and stable of artists/dj's!! It's going to be a very exciting new year indeed, we're being spoilt. Onwards and upwards neurobiotic :badger:
the panick album is the release i am looking forward to most from next year (of those i've heard about :Wink3:). if you have as good a 2005 as you have had in 2004 we're in for a treat (you're the only label i've bought every release from this year).
also... congratulations to neurobiotics and zen mechanics on their new partnership! i'm now also really looking forward to that album :Grin:

(plus, well done for kicking wouter's arse into gear to get a live set together :Wink3:)