Neurobiotic records V.A. - Neurology (NBRCD012)


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Fron Isratrance:

Italian based Neurobiotic Records introduces us to its bright new compilation Neurology compiled by DJ Edoardo himself.The artwork is very innovative and impressive and in the cd you will find a solid tracklist featuring many established artists,interesting collaborations plus the usual suspects from the labels roster.


01.Wrecked Machines-Electra
02.Silicon Sound-Cypher
03.Orion-Welcome To Reality
04.Altom Versus Joti Sidhu-Atropa
05.X Noize-Roger That
06.Joti Sidhu-The Player
07.Intelabeam Versus X Noize-Something New


01)The compilation begins with Electra by Brazilian based Gabriel Serrasqueiro and his Wrecked Machines project.This is a nice opening track wrapped in a deep atmosphere,a mix of progressive trance with full on elements i would say.I am a fan of this kind of music that unfortunately few artists produce in our days so this one has my vote already.By the way nice melodies in the backround

02)French based Silicon Sound is one of my favorite artists for a long time now and every tune that Johannes produces is an instant hit for me.Cypher is no exception ofcourse,another morning smasher by the maestro himself.Great atmosphere,dreamy melodies and superb effects throughout the whole track make this one a must have tune for everyone.Felicitations mon ami.

03)I dont think that i have to introduce Jean Borelli to anyone in this forum,the Danish master is one of the pioneers of the trance scene along with his Orion project and his tracks are rocking the universe for more than a decade already.Welcome To Reality shows to the people what real psychedelic music is all about,in times where people focus in the wrong directions Orion is still here setting,evolving and moderating the standards of psy trance.Huge respect for the artist and the person.

04)Atropa is the impressive result of a very interesting collaboration between Altom and the legendary Joti Sidhu who is back in business.After three morning oriantated tracks in this compilation this magnificent trio delivers us a faster and more danceable tune.Great production and rythm plus some nice vocal samples will make you move for sure.Thumbs up for this one and good luck to Joti for his upcoming album.

05)X Noize is a new group coming from Israel and Roger That is actually the first tune i ever heard from these guys.My aunt always told me to never judge a book by its cover but i got to admit that by first listen these guys seem to have a great future in front of them,Roger That is a nice full on tune,though nothing really special or innovative to be honest,featuring nice and clear production and some very impressive melodies in the backround.I am preety sure that we will hear a lot from this group in the near future.Keep up the good work guys.

06)The Player is the second track by Joti Sidhu featured in this compilation.Well the production in this one is of high standards but this is not actually my cup of tea musically speaking.I skipped this one rather fast but people that like faster music should give it a better shot.

07)Something New is a collaboration between Israeli based artists Intelabeam and X Noize.This is a very nice full on track indeed that will blast many dancefloors all around the world.I very much enjoyed the pad melodies in the backround on the fifth minute.Full Israeli power here hehe

08)Sorry but i never liked Vibra's style and music,its too fast and noisy for me.I liked the way the track evolves in the fourth minute but that couldnt save the day i guess.Moving to next one fast.

09)Ultraplex is a collaboration project between Israeli artists Ronen Dahan and Avi Lavi.Logiko is a typical full on track with some nice melodies in it,nothing more nothing less if you ask me.I liked the X Noize stuff in this compilation much more.

10)Last but not least we meet Tikal from France with their Solstice tune.The guys have created quite an impact on the trance scene with their innovative and open minded style and a bright future lies in front of them for sure.Solstice is a nice closing tune with some great female vocal samples in the backround.Keep up the good work guys!

Neurology is a very good compilation covering most trance styles of our times and the production in the majority of the tracks is of very high standards,especially in the first half of the compilation,which amazed me i could say,with Orion and Silicon Sound 'stealing' most of the glory from the rest of the artists.This is a great release for sure with some hot hits in it that will stay in your cd player for quite some time.Congratulations to Edoardo for bringing this whole thing together and good luck in the future for his Neurobiotic label

My favorites are 1,2(!),3(!),4(!),5,7,10.

Overall Rating 8/10


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Taking a heavy rotation at my yard,
1,2 and 3 are big tracks, all smooth and well produced!! :Wink3:


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Actually thats my review :Smile3:
here's the cynical review!!

apart from wm & orion, (BOMB!), there's not a tune on here that i actually like the whole way through
(not saying i wouldnt like them with drugs, :bananada: ! yeehaa

1 wm track is good. different from their other tracks, slow, daytime, nice snares later on, bit of a sneaky melody sneaking in, gets away with it :rolleyes:

2 ss gone nano, ugh i hate melodies, like the bits without them tho and the 1st bit :P , & do like ss

3 orion, superb

4 massively overused formula, give me 5 pills :o and i'll love it... old altom COME BAAAAAAAAAACK, ridiculous sample

5 i like x noise, they do cool stuff and show some restraint (a v good thing), but the one on the alchemy cd is miles better than this

6 joti- has some very good bit and bad bits

7 xn&i seems like some sort of half hearted attempt to be rinkystinky, cheeky hi hats with no flair, get the feeling this will be played around a lot

8 taxi

9 kinda floaty dreamy at the beginning but basically boring

10 tikal - bah, stop trying to be bamboo and stop using vocals pretty boring going nowhere, daytime maybe but they're playing after polaris in fairy tales :blink: maybe they have some surprises up der sleeeve! last 2 mins - awful noise thing :huh: bamboo would never do that :lol1:

:ph34r: :ph34r: :ph34r: :ph34r: :ph34r: :ph34r:
obviously good production etc etc but what's that saiko sounds thing - life is too short for boring music or something
:runsmile: :runsmile: :runsmile: :runsmile:

5/10 get me some drugs :runsmile:


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Mmmm, melodies :Grin: :P


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joti and altom track phat :Wink3:

nice clean comp we have here keep up the good work ed :P


Furthur and furthur
definitely one of the best compilations recently :Smile3:
for one thing, i can listen and enjoy most of the tunes, not just one or two :mad:

tracks 1,2,3 and 5 top my list. the x-noise tune at about 4.45 goes loooopppyyyy :clubjump:

altom need to lock themselves in a room and listen to hologram again and again - that was awesome! the stuff they have been bringing out has been clinging to the coat-tails of that album :no:

alround, good stuff neurobiotics! :wub:


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It's pretty tight if anyone's wondrin whether to pump it.

But there again so's my arse.

You choose.

I was a tad dissappointed with this, too much hype = tripe = bottomwipe. Actually that's way too harsh; this is still an above average comp. Still the label rocks, fave tracks 2(!), 3(!!), 4(!)

:hehe: :silly:


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canyouhearthegoblins said:
5 i like x noise, they do cool stuff and show some restraint (a v good thing), but the one on the alchemy cd is miles better than this

have to agree with that!! The Alchemy Wild Life, Jungle Juice Track is a much better entry from X Noize!!