Top 10 Neurobiotic top ten


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1. Allaby - Aurorae (Neurobiotic)
2. Panick vs Sub6 - NN (Neurobiotic)
3. Domestic - Simulated (Wrecked Machines rmx)
4. Pixel & Wrecked machines - Tea time (Neurobiotic)
5. Man Made Man - Halt prod (Silicon Sound rmx) (TT)
6. Shanti - Promised land (Pixel rmx) (Spun)
7. Commercial Hippies - NN (Nano)
8. Allaby - Imaginarium (Alchemy)
9. Pixel - Real pimp never get caougth (Silicon Sound rmx) (Neurobiotic)
10. Tikal - Experience (Neurobiotic)


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Looking Forward To: Neo:Caine and the Manmademan Remixes on Turbo Trance... Very Mucho!!

Would like to hear this: Pixel - Real pimp never get caougth (Silicon Sound rmx) (Neurobiotic)
What Neurobiotic CD will it get a release on then Edo?


Fried for too long
word up edo
It all looks top banana to me!!
whens the panick album coming?
Get the whips out were all getting restless...!


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Ey Don Eduardo...nothing but smashhits here.
My faves are both from Allaby (this man just gets better and better) and the amazing Wrecked Machines remix of the amazing Simulated!