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This a truly one of the comps of the year for me, absolutely crackin' stuff. particularly good are the tracks by Joti sidhu and Dj Eduardo, Wrecked machines' remix of "one shot" by Pixel and Sub 6 and Alternate vision.

all the music on this cd is a reflection of how far psy-trance has come in the last year or so, thundering grooves ahoy!!!
This could be on next years shopping list, I was surprised by the samples, Joti's track seemed like the standout tune it has got a nice bit of a building acid line... I was expecting some of the others to grab my attention more.

Red 5, What about Holographic Memory 2 Review? my copy should be on it's way, hoping for some treats for xmas...
</div><table border='0' align='center' width='95%' cellpadding='3' cellspacing='1'><tr><td>QUOTE (sunder @ Dec 23 2003, 05:38 PM)</td></tr><tr><td id='QUOTE'> Sweet stuff especially the Vibra and Sub6. One Shot begs for a good remix...Edoardos the mailman...always delivers.

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yer man that vibra track is phat the b lines great

realy enjoyed this one so far :muffins:
Top of the year and and this CD is top of the pile. State of the art psychedelic trance.

This CD could play as a great hour and a half set, the selections are great...

A nice gentle psy start from Intelabeam then things really kick off with Altom vs Sirius Isness activating our minds :o Alternate Vision steps up next with another nice track in the inimitable Logic Bomb style.
The CD reaches it's zenith with the next track: Wrecked Machines remix of Pixel vs Sub6's One Shot!! Nuff said!!! This is what we want!! :speaker: :partysmi: :sun:
....and the perfect follow up is Time Lock's Alien device. Great acidy-atmospheric sounds :o
Stepping up the pace again with Vibra and now i'm really tripping :wacko: We're on the up again and the CD reaches it's second high point with Joti Sidhu vs DJ Eduardo's Chaotic Biotic and it certainly is :punk: .
Thanks to my 2year old nephew for pressing enter there!! :blink: I think he wants to be a hacker when he grows up :lol1:

....As we move onto the tail end of the disc a sense of joy for the listener. Great uplifting mornings tracks all the way till the last which is a beauty from Tikal :smokingrasta: :sonne:

Certainly worth checking out peeps. A quality purchase indeed :punk: :punk: :punk:

If this is the direction psy-trance is taking 2004 will be a vintage year :drinking: :wizard1: B)