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As all my backdrops are gone now I started to draw new ones. I started the psyforum backdrop because I wanted to paint it again. I hope you ll like the new one better because at last I am learning how to paint, using masking tape and taking photos tracing the lines and projecting and tracing those lines. I just started but you ll see the finished drape in the Symbiosis party.
looks bloody good :Smile3: is that two different hangings, or is the one on the right a more worked on version of the left? cos i really like those 2 faces in the left one :Smile3:
good work! :hehe:
Definitly reckon the new one is looking great. Definitly an improvement (not that the last one wasn't also good). Like the two new faces you've put in.

The backdrop looks amazing, how sad that someone chose to steal the one you had!! :no:

What kinda paints are you using, where did you buy them, if you don't mind telling me??

all the best... :peace:
excellent work there kodomo......thanks man for deciding to do this backdrop again, i really like it :Smile3: see u at symbosis :Grin:
What kinda paints are you using, where did you buy them, if you don't mind telling me??

I bought uv pigments from brodie&middleton in London. I mix them with water and emulsion glaze. I dont have good brushes, i recommend good brushes as the cheap ones go bad after a single backdrop and you spend two times more painting the same areas. I am not very experienced too, as these are my first uv backdrops. If you want to ask me any questions, give me some ideas or advices I ll be at the symbiosis on 7th with one of my backdrops :Smile3:


Thanks for the advice, I would love to take to you about it. I will be at Symbiosis too, I am taking along my massage chair to do massage in the chill out area, maybe you could come and find me. My chair is bright purple, I think it should stand out!!

See you there! :P :sonne: :P :shrooms:
dude, you're a friggin' genius! :Smile3:
respect for being applied enough to do the backdrop from scratch again, where others would have given up! (me :Wink3: )

i really like the faces & the shroomz..& well..all of it rocks! can't wait to see it at a party.

ok, I am putting the progress of the backdrop as some people pm'ed me about how to paint. Here you can see how it progresses. This may not be the technically correct way but hey its working :Smile3: Hope this helps.
d00d if you can get a computer projector you can design stuff on photoshop, and project outlines onto the canvas.....good for intricate geometric stuff.....the only problem is computer projectors are fucking expensive, but if you access to one, its brilliant :Smile3:
stolen!!!! :no: that sucks! and its not as if whoever nicked it could ever hang it up at a party!!!!
Anyway the new one look wicked, love the faces very pop arty! Given me inspiration to start painting mine again! ( wen i get some money for paint!)x
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I bought uv pigments from brodie&middleton in London. I mix them with water and emulsion glaze. [/quote:aeea475b00]
i used those uv powder pigments from B&M but couldnt get the mix just right :no: reckon i mixed em all wrong...never was any good at maths :blink: but also the guy said to use PVA & water to mix which is cheaper...ended up painting about 10 layers :wacko: tho the paint was thick when applied it was still transparent.


the canvas from there is brilljunt! (no mixing required! :Grin: ) wanna get some of the orange or blue...yummy!

can u give me some tips on how to sort the paint out pwiddy please Kodomo? :Smile3:
what I do with the powder is
1. put some powder in a glass
2. add water (not too much approximetly 1/3 of the amount of powder)
3. Mix it really well until you cant see the powder particules.
4. Add emulsion glaze (2/5 of the total amount in the glass)
5. Mix well

Dont care to have exact 1/3 s or something it just that dont put too much or dont put too little. You put a little more glaze than water. Just check if it looks like a paint. When I started they were too thick, but when u use the glaze and water well you dont have to do a 2nd layer. My paintings are always one layer of paint and they seem to b right :Smile3: Hope that helps
:wow: thats wikkid advice! thanx :Smile3: :Smile3: :Smile3:

1 layer!!! cant wait! slaving over 10 layers just wasnt happening anymore :blink:

thanx so much!

:Smile3: :Smile3: