new chillout thing

:no: :no: :no: Dude, my pc won't let me listen. :no: :no:

Will wait until i get home and then i'll let you know what i reckon of you choon. I bet it'll be wicked. :Wink3:

:smokingrasta: Bons x

Can't download it, can't stream it. :no:

Tried on broadband, and dial up. It just won't let me have it, which is a shame, as i would love to check out your stuff!


not a problem with links, i get there just fine, and it starts playing.

dial up gives me 131kb of track or 11 seconds

broadband gives me 2 seconds!?!?!?

dunno man, looks like a server problem?

But for sure check it out, as i owe you a couple of reviews!

good luck :Grin:
no probs so far...

have not been pestered, billed or spammed; just had reliable service. You can also try and get the mp3's of your site, so you don't have to upload them.

If its good enough for weirdo beardo its good enough for me!
Okay - it finally cleared your track :Smile3: :Smile3: :Smile3:

:mushrooms: :mushrooms: :mushrooms:

I like

I like the wobbly harp thing, and the thing behind it that sounds faintly floaty.

Nice bassy kick, and dirty squelchy bass.

Nice backwards blips and zaps.

I really like the tremolo string thing, but...... I don't like the glissando. Just my opinion, and i play the cello, so i have 'overactive' sensors to this. Lots of people will like it, i'm sure.

I like the main synth a lot!

Maybe I would have more than just two bass notes

But Overall

:smoke: :smoke: :smoke: :smoke: :smoke: :smoke:

I LIKE Trippy and sinisterly menacing.

:Smile3: :Smile3: :Smile3:

Always a good combination
Thanks dude :Smile3:

yes the glissando in the string part is probs going to be removed, i played the track to some non-musical friends and they didnt even realsie it was a slide, they just thought id managed to make a note that was out of tune (!?) so im thinking ill work on it a bit and if i cant get it to sound any better then ill remove it.