new computer - new problem (audio issues remix)


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hello all,

i've just upgraded to a computer better suited to music production, and finally got FLStudio working. unfortunately now most times i load it, the sound seems to be struggling - it's distorted by lots of clicking sounds and thus doesn't keep to a regular BPM.

i'm not sure whether the computer just isn't fast enough, but that shouldn't really be the case - i don't know much about computers but a producer recommended the specs to me, it's got 2.4Ghz & lots of ram.

any suggestions would be most appreciated!

thanks :Smile3:

a) What sound card are you using?

b) What audio buffer size have you set FL to use? (the smaller the buffer size, the more responsive the program, but if it's too small you'll get clicking and tearing).

hi, thanks!

i haven't got round to getting a proper soundcard yet, so it's just the standard dell one... that may well be the problem.

i'll check the audio buffer settings as well & report back!

cheers :Smile3:
Hi seuss! If u ve got a 2.4Ghz with more than 128mb ram u wont have any problem running Fruity Loops v4.5
I ve got a 900Mhz 128 mb ram and i dont have any problem. Actually i ve got a big problem: when i ve almost finished a track i ve got clicks & cpu overloaded. But this s coz i use lot of VST plugins.
(i read that u sorted ur problem out, but this is to let u know that u CANT have any problem if u ve such a cpu)
By the way if u r looking for any soft or VST just let me know & i ll try to give u a hand :smoke:

Best regards

^thanks man!

i will pm ya about soft/VST, i've got plenty o plugins, perhaps we could have an exchange (although it sounds like you've got everything anyway) :Smile3:

i've had to bump the sample buffer up since then to deal with my eager-beaver overuse of FX... :Grin: