new dark scary type tune!!


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hello! :o
i just finished this the other day, a darker more twisted varaint than the tune i posted before,
comments very welcome!!! , im considering getting some kind of liveness sorted :lmao:
Malfunctioning mind melt

thanks!!!! :hehe:
yo dood.
im listening to the tune right now and theres some really nice elements to it, altough nice is probably nott the right word for it - twiiiiisteed :crazy:
i really like it when the beat comes in (1:07), classy stuff m8...........but then it pulls out (1:20) which was a bit of a shame really.
its like this all the way thru........comes in with some wicked sounds n ideas, but then doesn't really deliver the sucker punch.
nice sample ....."for fuck's sake!"
fuckin ell.....when it breaks/fuks up digital dropout stylee - is that intentional?...... if so youre a fukin loon!
but i quite enjoyed it actually, nice n quirky.
it needs more of a solid beat to sit on though (imo).
but good stuff man ill listen out for the next one.
ah ha so you like it when the cymbals are tss tss tsing
i could layer some more over the top but it was supposed to be a bit more atmospheric in some kind of way
the cd skipping madness bit was just me fiddling around for a laugh but i kept it in i would like to see people fall over due to it :Grin:
thanks alot for listening!!!! so you would dance if i was playing live near you then?
gonna try and make something more deep and progressive next and then a full on smasher of darkness which ill make sure i post up!
mmm are on the right track!!!!!! it is cool to see that you chose the originality..
It is really dark and twisted indeed!!!! :unsure: ...
As nik said, it would be much more powerfull if you'd attach a more punchy beat!!!!!
Even if I woulnt play it personnaly ( just my personnal choice as I dont play really dark set), I recognise that there is a hard job done on this one...and i still enjoy to scare myself with some deep scary tunes in my living room!¬!¬!¬!
Go on with the nice job dood!
Boom! :Wink3:
Nice one,I like it myself, everyone gonna have an opinion tho, so if u really dig it then it doesn't really matter now does it mate. Lets hear the next one. :Smile3:
jsainsbury said:
thanksa gain!
the link should work again now, damn servers :no:

afraid not ...
sorry to disappoint you! :gr1n:

Somebody get the garlic, this thread's gunna stay dead this time!
mrfelix said:
grr, the link doesnt work

also.... could you possibly put back up the mix you made a while back and put on here.... my friend played me it and i really enjoyed it, and id really like a copy, but the link to it's brokenm now....

I'll send it to you if you ask, you big gay. :irazz: