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time traveller

trk 6 voice of cod just a ride stunning trk and there is good tunes it

but the album itself has one VERY SERIOUS FLAW !!!!!!!

The traks itself arent spaced aprt far enough and there is nothin worse playin out a trk and the next trk starts ruinin ur set .. the album is bascially mixed together .... one trk off another
not amused , this very same album was reviewed in m8magazine which it being labelled as the new sound of hard dance

it one of those albums you can pretend to a crowd ur playin set due to the trks being entwind .. i know some on here might not bother about such trivial things but i find this to be my biggest pet hate about albums on CD

if it were on vinyl this problem wouldn't happen
depending on the CDJ you can set them up not to play into the next track, Single mode on something like that... or set them up to play straight into the next track, Continuous mode or something like that... :!:

Having said that I know how to do it on my m8's denons but not on my pioneers?? where is that manual... :Wink3:

My phones gone awol.. so just wanted to say many thanks for the other eve, great listening to your new tunes.. that was some phaaatttttt set you played Chris

Andrew, cheers :jump: ... for keepin' me up when a part of me wanted to come down

keep the faith!
'The traks itself arent spaced aprt far enough and there is nothin worse playin out a trk and the next trk starts ruinin ur set .. the album is bascially mixed together .... one trk off another' wrote someone....

try holding your finger down on the 'time' button until 'auto' comes up, this is 'auto cue'. This way all tracks will come to an end.... anyways, really if you don't have the imagination to mix with this way af an album set up, you should go back home and put an an add in the recycler and sell your cdj's to someone with at least half the brain of you :blink:

PERSONALLY i like an album set like this... very few artists have ever done this; HALLUCINOGEN, SHPONGLE, INFECTED MUSHROOM and COSMA who i personally rate as probably the biggest direction influences in this scene mixed all their albums... its conceptual like PINK FLOYD :punk:

Great work Chris and Andrew :partysmi: :partysmi:
Hardly like pink floyyd Mr Blue... just uninspired-over-complicated-techno.

*get's coat*
wow harmony - you're down on organic eh - did u actually buy the album, or are you inferring that the album is bad from your experiences at our party?

Harmony said:
Hardly like pink floyyd Mr Blue... just uninspired-over-complicated-techno.

*get's coat*

Been reading a lot of the "debates" you've been having with people over the music at Boom and Doctor Love (although not got involved). Personally I found a lot of the music at DrLove wasn't to my taste at all either. However I'm beginning to wonder if there is actually any Psy-Trance you like at all.

This CD is some of the most Original and TopNotch trance around. I think if you really belive it is "uninspired-over-complicated-techno" then you may wanna have a look around for another genre of music. I havn't seen a single review of this that hasn't been awsome other than the slight complaint of the tracks being mixed a little.
Yeah H,

I don't know wot's got up your nose (!?) But Chris has been around for a while and has pioneered an earnest and conceptual vision of psychedelic trance.. l'd say it's something a little different for those who appreciate the evolving sound of psy-trance. Especially since he's of the U.K contingent...


He's come a long way and deserves a little respect. Having said that you are fully entitled to feel how you feel and I respect you all the more for it... Just don't know why you're so overtly provokative when we all love trance in here...


While the party was not as origional as I understand you were expecting (or me to be honest) - it was fun. Everyone enjoyed themselves and good friends met up. What more do you want? Maybe you're jealous that Andrew man-handled me at the bar and not you...?!

As for the CD it's different and worth a look.

Chris Organic said:
Bunch of moaning gits. You all moan about having silence inbetween tracks, now you're bitching about some minor ambient mixing. :mad:

Moaing git >?

He He - if its any consolation Chris - I was taking the piss out of the original post -

I mean if your gonna play tracks out and you can mix then it is neither here nor there whether the album is mixed or not. In fact it is better for the home listener - everyone SHOULD BE HAPPY!

I for one fully endorse Organic Records and the fresh take on our beloved trance music that you always seem to deliver !! BIG UP TO ORGANIC !

Moaning git - me - never !

Peace !

Add another one to that list of supporters !!!!
wasnt directed at you, jamez_23, sorry for the confusion there.

Huge respect to all the big-uppers in here, or something... :Smile3:

But no, seriously, thanks for everyone who defends our moral right to do what we want with our productions, which anyway is always aimed at trying to maximise the pleasure of those buying our albums.

I say buying... but going by the awesome reviews we've had for this album, sales have been pretty kaka. I might have to sign myself up to my other company, Get Paid to Kaka................. better than producing CDs for everyone to copy....