New kid at school......


Howdie people!

Am feeling a bit like the new kid at school at the mo but figured that it would be a good idea to say a little hello to all you lovely peeps. (Up until now have been rather shy and just been observing all that goes on in this wonderful world - ah how sad!)

So 'Hello everyone!'

TAA DAA!!! There we go. Introductions have now been made.......splendid!!

Am looking forward to talking muchas nonsense with you all in the future......

Also might see some of you at the ToF this Sat. If you want to know who I am, I'll be the one dancing like a compete loon - hehe!!



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:clublase: Welcome psymonkey, dont be shy, all are welcome here. Cast your peepers to and listen to DJ's from this forum LIVE, we will also be at the ToF this Saturday, Streaming it, "make ya Famous" lol
See you there


friendly alien
hello there!! be warned though, this forum is highly addictive!!! :Grin:


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:welcome: hellooo psymonkey
and welcome to the forum!
i was at tribe of frog... don't believe i met you!
but shall look forward to the point where i do :Smile3:


Nooooooo surely it was me??!!!

I always get SO carried away when I boogie that I completely forget what my body is doing (oops!!!)

Nevermind thou!! Had THE most amazing time!! Never been to a ToF before and can happily say that I will most positively be going back to many, many more! Hurrah to the Frogs!!

P.S Big thank you to everyone who has welcomed me feelin the lurve.........