New melodic psy-trance tune from Russia

You like your Hallucinogen, don't you! :Smile3:

I think my only criticism would be that it sounds a little bit *too* much like M'sieur Posford in places, but as it's your 5th tune, it's only natural that you'd be wearing your influences on your sleeve to some degree.

Nice key changes on the bass, good punchy sound (as far as I can tell on my dreadful headphones at work).

Me likee a lot! :Grin:

Thanx guys. Yeah, i love Hallucinogen very much. And Infected Mushroom too, don't even know who of them more. \sorry for my English=)\.

U know, it's very difficult to make music on celeron 533 with SBLive, so i think that i won't make any more on this device, untill i buy a new pc with good soundcard. but who knows...

thanx for feedback one more time=) :Smile3: :Smile3: