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Monkey Do

#1 Internet Toughguy said:
I've been getting seriously into Forza Motorsport on X-box recently but was doing a bit badly. Decided I needed a mix to help me focus on the task of hairing around a racetrack so I quickly recorded this.

No shit my laptimes tumbled.

Still didn't manage to win the MR championship in an only slightly trev'd Renault Clio V6 though.

Lingkeylingkey(right click save as)

Full tracklist later, but expect to hear good driving stuff from Bubble, Fomem_ory, Space Buddha and shit like that.


listening to it now bro

*starts clapping hands along to the moooooosik*

Monkey Do

#1 Internet Toughguy
And for those of you that are interested in my Forza Motorsport progress, well I ditched the Clio V6 in favour of a Boxter for the MR championship which despite being slower on paper than my modified Clio has a bunch of pink turtles down the side and a big pink flower on the front and therefore must be better.

Anyway, using the gayest boxter in the world for the MR cup seems to have been a good move - I'm now 85th fastest on xbox live round Maple Raceway and 96th fastest round the Tokyo street circuit. Normally I'm up in the mid 40 thousands.