New Mystic Demo Track - Mystery Master


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Mystic :ph34r:

New Mystic Demo Track - Mystery Master

Hello People, would really appreciate any comments or feedback on my mates new demo track, I posted it for him cause he doesn't come on here too often! New Skool Weirdness coming from his studio tucked away in the depths of Wiltshire!

Save as Version Zip File Link:

Streaming Version mp3 File Link:

Any Constructive Comments or Feedback on Production or Ideas Greatly Appreciated!!! :Wink3:


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cheers dudes at least someone cares ignorant nobbers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!l
its probably because i dont use reason
peacel .................... .. . . . . :ismile:


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I like this a lot! Good build up of energy, nice bass and kick, and some great twisted sounds. There might be a bit too much reverb on one of the lead sounds which is muddying the sound a bit?? But that's a small detail. Realy like it!


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Thanks very much for having a listen!!! Comments greatly appreciated, I will pass them on! :Wink3:


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Having a big session :Smile3: ... thought i'd give this track a listen.

Leads and synths:
Firstly, nice leads and synth sounds!... they all seem to me to sit alright, and the sounds are in themselves really nice and sound powerful when they should do... i particularly like the sound from 5:59 onwards... like the short panning bandpass-like sound... I feel though that in this section the leads do cloud eachother abit (particularly with the reverb) - so possibly work abit more on carefully e.q. ing that section... there also seems to be some low frequency interference when the leads are all playing at once, but this can be fixed with some highpassing...

Kick and Bass:
The kick is nice... i'd personally prefer more sub in it, and slightly less 'chock' at the low mid range...
I'm not too sure however about how much I like the bass... It seems like there's an awful lot of release time on the amp env, so the notes kinda slide into eachother and the bass loses its punchiness... it does however sound better when it's in 16ths (try adjusting the track delay by about -2 -4 to taste, to get the bassline triggering sounding better)

The initial cymbal however that comes in needs far more highs in it, sounds almost like its been low passed, or low shelfed quite alot... i personally like poking my cymbals out at the top alongside the hihats i.e. 15k to 20k...

The snare sound also distracts me alot... seems like it has an awful lot of pre-delay on it, and very little dry sound... it therefore has a feeling of attacking too late (as the attack is taken away partly by the reverb) this is most obvious at the buildup roll at 1:50 - 1:52 - where the late reverb clouds the mix... well to me, it just sounds out of time by about (i'd say just from listening) 10 - 15 ms. This could probably most easily be corrected by adjusting the wet dry value... or if you really want to keep the sound using the track delay feature to negatively delay the track into the right time (play that by ear)...

Otherwise the percussion is quite nice :Smile3: (i'd personally have slightly less reverb on the tamb, but then that's just my personal opinion)

... yeah :Smile3: good track, hope i don't sound too harsh hehe... but there are definitely interesting ideas here, and where there are interesting ideas, fresh ideas can flow even better with more knowledge!

Keep it up!


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Cheers Beatnik, Your comments and advice are greatfully recieved, will pass them on to my mate Sam... who made the track....

I think Sam's strengths definetly lie in the lead synth sounds he uses!! for sure... (he loves his synths!)
now its just about tinkering with the mix and details to get it right on all the other parts...

Like you say, knowledge helps to get the ideas across!! Thanks m8.... :Smile3:


its hard to add to beatnik's breakdown as he's pretty much covered all the angles.

most stand out point for correction is without a doubt the wetness of the snare. Resolving this will, i feel, have a hugely positive impact on the track.