New pioneer DJM-800 mixer


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looks like i'll be saving up a while tho...

what do you guys think?

(cue pioneer VS allen & heath arguments)

The DJM-800 is the new professional-grade mixer. Pure fidelity is delivered by the hi-end 96kHz/24 bit A/D converter that's complemented by 61 assignable MIDI control channels and 'Harmonic Mixing' capability. This is a landmark innovation, that detects a track's key and automatically aligns it to the closest true key, removing inaccuracies created when adjusting the pitch. With digital connectivity, a large bright dot matrix display and a wide a range of high quality effects, the DJM-800 enables DJs to perfect pristine mixing.

'We're dedicated to finding new ways to improve the techniques available to DJs to create sensational sets: we achieved it with CD mixing and the genre-defining A/V deck, the DVJ-X1. And we've achieved it again with the DJM-800.
It offers superlative digital performance, huge MIDI versatility and a new approach to harmonic mixing that replicates the way that DJs intuitively mix music. The innovation, combined with the unit's sonic purity and a range of supporting features will advance mixing techniques. It's the type of breakthrough that clubs, professional DJs and the emerging generation of artists expect from Pioneer,' comments Jason Pook, product planning manager, Pioneer Europe.
Sonic purity is a given from Pioneer and the DJM-800 inherits the high fidelity technology of its big brother the DJM-1000. The analogue signal from the player is immediately digitised (through the shortest possible route) by a pro A/D converter at 96kHz/24bit, reaching the ultra-powerful (32bit) Digital Signal Processor without deterioration of quality.

Inputs and outputs
Digital inputs and outputs support transparent signal processing between Pioneer's CDJ and DVJ series of digital decks delivering immaculate audio quality. With input frequencies of 44.1/48/96kHz and selectable output frequencies of between 48/96kHz it's a perfect mixer not only for the club professional but also recording studios where high fidelity sound is required.

MIDI function
Another key feature is the fully assignable MIDI function. This means that MIDI signals can be sent from almost all knobs and switches on the surface of the DJM-800 (a total of 61 assignable controls) to external MIDI equipment. With this level of MIDI flexibility, the DJM-800 can be used as a versatile interface to control any MIDI controllable lighting, software and MIDI enabled video mixers. To extend the intuitive operation of the unit, optional rotary volume knobs are available to replace the main volume switches – a feature that supports more subtle and precise mixing.

Extensive dialogue with some of the world's top DJs and sound engineers provided the catalyst to create new, intuitive techniques to effect the perfect mix, resulting in 'sound colour effects' - a whole new style of DJ mixing. In music terms, if the DJ adjusts a track in the key of C by +3%, you are no longer in the key of C, and now between C and D. This makes it impossible to perform a perfect harmonic mix, unless harmonic tuning is applied. Harmonic tuning takes whatever key the source audio is in and adjusts the pitch until the key reaches a standard note. World class DJs currently spend hours learning the keys of their music and re-mastering their library to be in 'perfect pitch' - this innovation makes it easier to deliver smooth mixes everytime. The DJM-800 also offers 'filter', 'sweep' and 'crush' effects through a highpass/lowpass filter, notch filter and bit crusher effect for all line channels.

In keeping with Pioneer's relentless drive for innovation it has complemented its familiar effects with some new techniques for a package that includes: Echo, Delay, Reverse Delay, Pan, Transform, Filter, Flanger, Phaser, Reverb, Robot, Chorus, Roll and Reverse Roll. The effects automatically detect the BPM of the music and sync to the beats. In conjunction with the additional Digital Beat Effects, 50 combinations of effects are possible.

Like the DJM-1000, the DJM-800 also has the same high rigid chassis for minimizing unnecessary vibration that could adversely affect sound quality. It is based on the same layout and footprint as the DJM-600, providing the natural and familiar feel known to DJs across the world. It also incorporates a dual-shield structure for eliminating entry of digital noise and a high performance power supply.


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  • Cross fader assign: to assign each channel's input to the cross fader
  • Fader curve adjust: to change the cross fader/channel fader curve
  • Fader start: connect a Pioneer CDJ player with a control cable and playback can be started by simply sliding the cross fader or channel fader
  • 3-Band Equalizer: a built-in equalizer on each channel enables level control within a –26dB to +6dB range for high, mid & low bands, respectively
  • Talk over: automatically attenuates the volume by -20db so an MC can talk over the track
  • Mic signal cut: Eliminates the microphone sound output to the booth monitor to prevent feedback
  • Peak level meter: Check the peak level of the input audio for each channel as well as the master
  • Master output rotary knob
  • Master output attenuation switch
  • Twin mic level adjustment
  • Optional rotary faders available (DJC-800RV)


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I reckon I'd actually have to play with one to get past the marketting blurb to see if it really is the leap they're claiming...

Does sound interesting though.

I wonder how they deal with the synchronisation of digital signals from various sources and at various clock speeds...?

MIDI functionality is kinda interesting for the control of software mixing systems...


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Just got this piece of excellence the other day,must say i'm very satisfied:Smile3:
Got it somewhat cheaper than 1000 quid though.
Well worth to buy:Wink3: