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whirling mathematician
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a couple of days i uploaded a sorta-draft-sorta-finished track to this page:

the track in question is "hipnotic - quadratic" ... almost half way down the page. Its a crazy mixure of goldie/blame style atmospheric jungle, psy/goa, futurustic technoid noises, a little bit of gabber, a touch of eastern vocals... pretty hard to sum up really.

if you like that one, i'd also recommend the previous track under that project , which is "hipnotic - escape velocity" (on the same page). in fact, i could easily imagine more people here would prefer that one to "quadratic". this one is very floaty, epic, beautiful vibes, with a rather more straightforward blend of psy, ambient and dnb. it features electric guitar from my bandmate tim, who tells me it reminds him massively of deviant electronics, although it sounds more like future engineers vs fourier wave device to me

all comments and feedback are highly welcomed! and make the most of it... thanks to this hdd fuckup these will probably be the last music from me for a few months

mate that is fookin' wicked :Smile3:

wah! what to say - so many different streams running through it - the way it changes all the time with different parts is funtastic

production is spot on - the atmosphere development through the track...the way it's spiritual, tekky and uncompromisingly phat at the same time - killer man, killer :Wink3:

aaarrrrgggghhhh! just heard the drop out of the gabba bit :P

[edit: btw sorry to hear bout your hd - ouch :no: ]
MMmmm this is tha sorta stuff than can outlast trance-I like it!
I love trance but I live in dub.
Nice nice nice -groovy and invigorating, like a marmite sandwich and a cuppa at sunrise :punk:
wow, thanks all :lol:

strange, but they got a better reception here than at dnb forums!

fitted a new hdd at the weekend so i guess it'll be time to make some more music now...
Phat track mate, love the psy sounds towards the end! :Wink3: