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Throb Farmer
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Straight outta muthaf***ing Surbiton
My current one can be dowloaded from the link in sig and its called

&lt;&lt;&lt; Mental Universe >>>&lt;/a>

and its a 145bpm poppadom bassline israeli sausage machine full-on style sorta fing

the mix is pretty rubbish and its totally unmastered, and any constructive comments are very welcome
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feckin top banana! loved the sounds, and the general atmos (also the sneaky spaceballs sample :wub: )

the only point i wanted to raise would be the bassline. i couldnt quite tell if they were 16th notes or not. if they were and you want the bassline to contribute to the pace of the tune maybe think about making the individual notes a bit more clearly defined? like add a filter env or just accentuate the amp env?

apart from that spot on mate, im off to download the rest of ur tunes now